Many people have been burned and even traumatized by the changes in the economy. This has caused people to live in constant fear of economic changes. While some people have been able to find jobs even in the midst of economic changes, there are some people that have decided that they are going to have to settle for less. The worst part is that they find themselves living a life that is far below the life of their dreams. Fortunately, there are many different options for people to get back on track with their lives.

The first step for the individual is deciding on what he finds enjoyable. Then he has to look into ways of making money off of that. This often includes signing up for the unfranchise business through Market America. One of the best parts about Market America is that they are there for the individual. They will do more than just accept an application. They will get in contact with the individual applicant and talk with him personally. The applicant of Market America will have a better time coming up with a business plan that is solid and a good earner.

With Market America, the applicant is given an opportunity that is even better than affiliate marketing. People that know how to attract attention are going to have the easiest time getting the conversion needed to bring about the economic change that they have always wanted. They will be able to quit their jobs, retire, travel, or any other dream they may have for themselves. One of the best things about being a member of Market America is that people will be able to join the ranks of some of the more prosperous and wealthy people that they have heard about. They will also be able to share the success if they want to. Facebook

There has never been a better time to be single than it is now as there are many dating sites and dating apps that can help people meet strangers and date. There are many dating apps out there that have been around for a while, but one of the newest dating apps that have been in the news lately for all the right reasons is Bumble. It is an app that was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is regarded as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the United States. Apart from founding Bumble, she has been associated with Tinder as well and is one of the co-founders. However, Whitney Wolfe Herd left Tinder in 2014 to pursue her independent ventures.

Whitney Wolfe Herd understood the shortcomings in the dating apps that were already available in the market and knew the gaps that needed to be filled to ensure women felt at home while using these dating apps. Whitney Wolfe Herd decided to make Bumble a women-centric dating app, which not only ensured that the women feel safe but also ensured that they are not flooded with unsolicited messages and even vulgar images at times. Bullying and abuse is an unfortunate part of the experience that women have to go through on these dating sites and app. Whitney Wolfe Herd thought that with the help of technology, it would be possible to reduce such experiences and help women stay in control of whom they want to contact and have a conversation with.

After Whitney Wolfe Herd left Tinder, she was contacted by the founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev. Whitney started Bumble with the founder of Badoo, and the chemistry instantly took off on the right foot. Bumble currently has more than 12 million members and last year had annual revenue of over $100 million, which is expected to double in the next year or so. Whitney Wolfe Herd has integrated a unique feature in Bumble, which is why the app has become so successful and popular in a short time. It allows only women to make the first move and contact the male member. Once the women have made her first move and contacted the men they found interesting, men can respond.

It is because of this feature, Bumble has been widely criticized as well, but Whitney Wolfe Herd feels that it is a blessing in disguise as it helps in keeping such narrow-minded men away from the app.

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Robert A. Ivy, FAIA graduated from the illustrious Tulane School of Architecture located in New Orleans, Louisiana all the way back at the end of the seventies. He’s made the educational institution extremely proud since then as well. That’s because he’s now the man who runs everything for the AIA or the American Institute of Architects in Washington, D.C. The American Institute of Architects is a trusted professional group that has been simplifying life for people who are part of the architectural field for ages. It’s a group that’s been enhancing architectural experiences since the 1800s. It was organized by a bunch of determined architects in New York City long ago. There were many big architects among that group of individuals, too. Jacob Wrey Mould was just one of the esteemed people who helped make the American Institute of Architects the unstoppable powerhouse it is today. This is a group that wants to educate people. It wants to give ambitious and talented architects the ability to learn, experience new things and soar in general.

Robert Ivy is more than qualified to be the head honcho at the American Institute of Architects. He was selected with great care to assume the position several years ago. He in 1996 was handpicked to be the Architectural Record’s Editor in Chief. This group CEO had other positions that were important within the architectural community, too. He was a major player at McGraw-Hill Construction Media for some time. Ivy was an editorial director for the business. He even was its Vice President. Ivy is a talent who understands how the architectural community operates. He knows how to identify openings that may benefit the greater good. He knows how to pinpoint opportunities that may be suitable for specific individuals as well. This is a man who has an eye for structure, layout and design that’s essentially matchless in sheer quality.

Robert Ivy has been the recipient of quite a few awards and acknowledgements within the architecture industry. His peers admire his work for a variety of massive reasons. They admire the fact that he’s able to effectively and masterfully guide such a large group of individuals . There’s no arguing how large the American Institute of Architects is and has always been. This professional group is constantly getting bigger and stronger as well. It has thousands and thousands of members that cover many different bases. There are thousands and thousands of licensed architects who make up the group. There are so many people who work in sectors that are closely tied in with architecture, too.

Robert Ivy has substantial architectural knowledge. He also studied English back when he was a student at the University of the South.

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Mike Baur is the co-founder of a business incubator and investment firm known as the Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich, Switzerland and he and CEO Max Meister just announced that they had a new member joining the executive team. Antonio Gasser will now be joining the company as the Chief Marketing Officer and will be responsible for the communications channels and relationships with partner companies. Gasser has the credentials to hold the position as a previous radio show host at tranceescape followed by work at Red Bull Media and the founding of Swiss Startup Media GmbH. Baur and Meister are pleased to have Gasser join the team because he has built solid relationships in the past, and his branding expertise aligns with the mission of SSUF.


Mike Baur spent over 20 years in banking before going into startup accelerator funding. The Wall Street Journal in an op-ed about Swiss banking wrote about Baur’s story in which he started at UBS Bank at age 16 and went through their apprenticeship program. A human resources manager told him that if he followed a chart that was drawn up, that he would earn a promotion here or there, and eventually he would retire at the designated age. Baur was on the right track to do so for most of his career, but then the financial crisis of 2008 came and UBS Bank started scaling back and eventually closing in the following years. Baur didn’t quit banking right away and actually landed an even higher ranking position at Clariden Leu, a subsidiary of Credit Suisse. But he found that banking was becoming too old-fashioned in the way it was done, and too many regulations were making it difficult.


Mike Baur decided in 2014 that it was time to look at what was happening around the world with young technology developers and business-minded people. He knew the right disruptive technologies could be the best investments for the right price, but he realized many of these tech entrepreneurs didn’t have the funding to build their companies. With the help of Max Meister, Oliver Walzer and members of the Goldback Group and CTI, Baur was able to create the SSUF and a 3-month program that tests startups to their limits to see if they become a great company to invest in. Thus far the SSUF and Baur’s other company Think Reloaded have funded thousands in their portfolio.


Rocketship Education is a special school filled with driven special educators. On the outside, Rocketship Education looks like a regular school; however, once you learn about their beliefs and core values, you will soon see that they are different from most. Rocketship Education is so special because they have been going into communities where most people do not see greatness and making a way for children. This school is known for building schools in neighborhoods that are urban and poorer than most communities. Rocketship Education has devoted themselves to provides quality education to children in these urban communities. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit public grade school that is also a charter school.

Most of Rocketship Education’s building, if not all building are built from ground up.The school provides their children with the top of the line newest teaching technologies. Rocketship Education is on a mission to provide students with the same education that children receive who are from wealthier families. Rocketship Education also offers a variety of different teaching styles to all of their students. Students are taught through songs, online learning, in person classroom learning, and one on one teachings as well. In the end, all of these techniques have been working for Rocketship Education because the children in this school are thriving. Over the years the children have all been excelling on the standardized tests that the different states provide.

This has made Rocketship Education parents very proud of the school and of their children as well. Another part of the reason why the school is so successful is because the go beyond learning academics within the school. Rocketship Education also teaches their students about ethics and the school has put their own core values in place as well. Rocketship Education teaches their students how to live a disciplined life, how to have human skills, and how to act in public as well. Not many schools work on the morals and values of their students, but Rocketship Education does. The schools works very hard to produce excellent students and they have been doing a great job so far!

Steamworks Brewery of Vancouver owner Eli Gershkovitch has crafted an extraordinary Pilsner beer. Demand in Canada for this beer is huge. Why?


Every country has a favorite drink. Russia has vodka, Japan has sake, and Canada has a beer. Beer is more than a favorite in Canada, it is a staple. However, starting in 1995, traditional favorite beer sales flat-lined, making it appear that the love-affair with beer was over for Canadians. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Traditional beer sales stagnate while, according to Eli Gershkovitch, craft beer sales have “risen sharply.” The interest and demand for craft beer have grown so much that Niagara College now offers a brewmaster program (


The Rise of Craft Breweries has resulted in a vast array of flavors and blends. From Vancouver to Halifax, Canadians are trying their hands at brewing and creating extraordinary beers. Some of the favorites nationwide include:


  • Imperial IPA
  • Paddockwood 606
  • Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
  • Little Scrapper IPA
  • Velvet Fog
  • Steamworks Pilsner


On this latter entry, it must be noted that numerous Craft Breweries in Canada and worldwide offer a “Pilsner” beer. What makes Steamworks Pilsner unique is that owner Eli Gershkovitch returned to the roots of the brew found in the Czech city Pilsen and crafted a beer worthy of the name (ReporterExpert).


The resulting Pilsner has allowed Eli Gershkovitch to garner two annual awards for Best Beer in British Columbia. It has also resulted in amazing sales of the Steamworks Pilsner. Little wonder, the beer provides a complex blend of spicy hops and floral notes. It is a rich, crispy malt lager that satisfies completely.


In 1995, Eli Gershkovitch had already taken ownership of the brewpub in historic Gastown when they discovered a remnant which would shape the nature of beer in Canada forever. The building contained an old steam heating system. Steam brewing was rare, but not unheard of. Forging ahead, the steam brew system proved to be a just the right touch for creating the perfect Pilsner beer and more.


Glen Wakeman is an inspirational businessman. He has a significant amount of experience in finance and business. He is best known as a writer, lender, and worldwide business executive. Although, Glen Wakeman has accumulated much success he has not always had the things that he has now. Before entering the office, he worked cleaning bathrooms to pay for his college education. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. Wakeman completed his Masters of Business Administration at the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman has come to adjust quickly to the changes in the business world due to the amount of time he has spent living internationally ( Living in a culture other than his own forced him to become accustomed to things that he may have found uncomfortable within his own culture. Wherever Wakeman goes, he takes pleasure in learning from those more experienced than he is and teaching those that wish to be where he is in his career. He encourages the people that he mentors to be just as interested in their success as he is. Wakeman also shares his knowledge with others by blogging.

Glen Wakeman has founded LaunchPad Holdings. He wanted to know why most new business owners were prone to failure. He developed the ToolKit to help decrease the number of new business failures. The ToolKit aims to give business owners options to create a successful business. A lesson Wakeman teaches his mentees is to emerge themselves in every aspect of the business. He encourages them to be focused on the overall success of the business they are a part of rather than only caring about their job. Wakeman’s dedication to making sure business owners are successful makes him a top choice for his clients. He goes beyond how to succeed in business he prepares his client’s to excel in business.

Glen Wakeman is an incredible businessman. Considering everything that has been stated about Wakeman, anyone can see that he isn’t just a writer, lender, and successful worldwide business executive. Glen Wakeman is also an incredibly caring teacher (Crunchbase).


Dr. Mark Holterman is a dedicated pediatric surgeon who has been working for more than 20 years. He has been practicing his profession while at the same time, helping those who need him the most. Presently, Dr. Mark Holterman can be found in three different hospitals, providing his expertise in the field of pediatric surgery and helping children recover from injuries and diseases ( Aside from working tirelessly from practicing his profession, he also serves as a chief executive officer for Mariam Global Health; an investment firm created for the innovation and development of businesses related to medicine. He is also working as an educator, and he is currently teaching at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, specializing in surgery and pediatrics. One of the things that caught the attention of Dr. Mark Holterman is the application of regenerative medicine in pediatric surgery. He is currently working on research to see how stem cell therapy can be used for restoring his patients who have undergone surgery, and how he can use the method to treat incurable diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Because of this research, he was recognized by the American Diabetes Association, and he was given an award for innovative research (Inspirery).


The research for regenerative medicine also prompted Dr. Mark Holterman to establish a foundation that would help children with rare diseases get exclusive access to treatments involving regenerative medicine. He called the foundation as the Hannah Sunshine Foundation, and up to this day, the foundation has helped a huge number of children around the world. As the foundation tried to cure several children of rare diseases that were not frequently documented, Dr. Mark Holterman would get the opportunity to write journals and other publications describing how the regenerative medicine helps him treat his patients. He would also talk around the world, sharing his discoveries.


Recently, Dr. Mark Holterman traveled to Vietnam, and he established a non-profit organization called the IPSAC-VN. Its goals are to decrease the number of infection cases in all of Vietnam and to provide additional doctors and medical practitioners to the country to prevent problems involving the easy access to medical treatment.

Perry Mandera is an award-winning entrepreneur and businessman who managed to develop a technological system on how to deliver freight and cargoes on time and end up in its destination without failure. He has been regarded as one of the greatest innovators of his time, and he is very grateful for all of the awards that given to him. Perry Mandera currently manages his trucking company, which specializes in freight and cargo transport, called the Customs Co. Inc. The company’s headquarters is in Illinois, where most of the businesses are using the freight and cargo transport to deliver their goods and services all across the United States.


Perry Mandera developed a fascination with vehicles and transport when he was still young. He would often sneak out to his father’s vehicle just to see how it works, and how it can be driven. His fascination with vehicles and transportation allowed him to be a member of the United States Military, and he chose the role to drive trucks (BlogWebPedia). His truck driving skills were praised, and his skills started to develop. After graduating from his services with the United States Military, Perry Mandera decided to start a company in 1980, but the company failed at an early stage. It left Perry Mandera with questions about his capability to manage a business. His family and friends encouraged him through these tough times, and he decided that he will try again and see where the business would be (


In 1986, he opened up the Customs Co. Inc., and through his efforts, the company grew and became a recognizable company in the field of freight and cargo transport. Small startups and big corporations became his client, and he thanked them for their continued support. The company is now making more than $200 million per year, and it continues to grow annually. Perry Mandera is also rallying behind the bills created by the Congress that would be advantageous to the freight and cargo transport industry, and he is one of the few voices of the industry who makes and leaves an impact. Perry Mandera continues to become a role model for the people who make a living by transporting freight and cargoes.



Stream Energy of Dallas, Texas as earned a ranking on the Market Strategies International list of ten most trusted energy services. The company has grown into one of the leading direct selling companies in a very short time.


Founded in 2005, Stream Energy began after Texas deregulated the energy sector of its economy ( It was founded with a simple idea in mind: Provide affordable energy and let word-of-mouth grow the business.


The idea worked and today Stream Energy is a leading provider in several Texas markets. The company offers innovative and affordable home energy, wireless, and protective services.


The award from MSI is one of a growing list of honors the company has garnered in recent years but is one of the most prestigious to date. It was granted to Stream Energy based on several factors including:


  • customer focus
  • customer support
  • dedication to environmental issues
  • quality
  • reliability
  • competitiveness of rates
  • offerings
  • communications effectiveness


One 2017 study of brand trust found that community services and assistance by companies have a doubled impact on consumer opinions. One of the companies the study considered in drawing its conclusions was Stream Energy.


After Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast region near Houston, Texas in 2017, the direct hit to the city left it without energy for weeks in some areas. Stream Energy was quick to donate $25,000 to the American Red Cross (GCReport). Then the company waived late fees for customers affected by Harvey, then did the same for victims of Hurricane Irma a few weeks later.


In response to the Award, President and CEO of Stream Energy Larry Mondry said that the Stream Energy “team will work hard every day to prove to our customers that we are worthy of this.” He further noted, however, that doing should be easy because in responding as they did to the disasters, they were only doing what comes naturally.