George Soros is one of the most famous philanthropists in the world and has advocated for equal treatment of every individual regardless of their race, occupation, and class. George has over the past years given many donations to cater for the needs of all people that fall victims of social discrimination including commercial sex workers, drug users among others. Soros fell victim of social discrimination while at a tender age and experienced a lot of struggles due to the danger he was exposed to by the heartless Nazi people. Through the effective tactics that his family used, George survived the harsh conditions and later moved to Budapest. He then moved to London where he strives hard to accomplish his goals.

While at college, George served as a waiter to meet all his needs and including paying his school fees. He was highly determined towards being a great investor and later moved to the United States after perusing economics. With a great determination to accomplish his goals, George started a fund management company that saw him become one of the most prolific investors in history. He began his work of philanthropy in the late 1970`s and targeted to help all individuals affected by the society`s discrimination. George helped most South Africans affected by apartheid and continued with his venture. Soros has over the past years acted as the voice of most individuals that are considered inferior in the society. He has helped to fund and provide scholarships to some companies and has over the past years catered for the education of discriminated individuals in the community.

George highly criticizes people who use force and oppression on other people, so ass to survive in the society. He believes that every person has their rights and deserve to live peacefully as the world belongs to everyone. Besides. George highly recommends Karl Popper’s way of thinking and believes that he promoted the equality through the various texts that he published in the twentieth century. George encourages individuals to critically analyze their decisions when it comes to making investments to avoid venturing into wrong businesses.

Though his first ventures did not succeed as he hoped, George has achieved most of his dreams through the various firms that he has set up in over twenty-five countries that mainly aim at catering to the diverse needs of people, particularly the victims of social discrimination. Besides, George Soros believes that social justice should be one of the primary focuses of the administrative personnel’s as by putting their attention to the issue helps to ensure that every individual in the nation gets equal treatment. Besides, Soros insists that conducting campaigns to tackle the issue provides that people respect each other regardless of the social factors that make them different.

Galindo’s contribution at the company Televisa has been phenomenal. His experience in the line of work coupled with the academic excellence is unmatched. The firm must have been lucky to embrace his supervision skills. Company Televisa is a Spanish-speaking media and distributes its content in more than 50 countries inclusive of Mexico and the United States. He has been the chief executive officers of this company and instrumental to its success heights.

Galindo’s Academic Achievements

The academic track record for Galindo showcase lots of overachievement. His track record was excellent. His involvement in software research at Carnegie Mellon University was encouraging. He went ahead to accomplish a degree in the field of applied mathematics. He received an executive in education as well. This formed the basis for his professional career.

Career Life

Galindo’s ability to ascend to the top position in the institution is an indication that he had a reach success history. His personal achievements were defining factors in this case. The academic footpaths that he underwent were designed to enable him to succeed in many fields. Such areas include advertising, television, entertainment, broadcasting, and media alongside other forms of telecommunication. Under his leadership, the company is working with more than 10,000 employees who are at different locations all over the world.

In the duration of his leadership at Televisa, the company has already raised a profit worth $10 billion. This is a reflection of the most successful leaders in the company’s history. His understanding of how an economy is run has been a major factor in this case. This has been achieved by working both inside and outside the corporate sector. His decisions are careful not to contradict the government policies. Such an understanding has been vital to making Televisa the leading media company.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has been an essential element to the Televisa’s success. His excellent leadership abilities have been crucial in this case. All this has been backed up by a strong academic and career life. The result makes Televisa the leading media company with a broad coverage globally.


Good jobs + rising housing market = bank profits. The attendees of the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference might have discussed how to keep the North Texas housing market, red hot. Here is a summer 2017 North Texas housing market review.

Is Dallas Housing Market Cooling?

Whenever there is a housing boom, some will be naysayers. Dallas Forth Worth has been one of the hottest housing markets in the nation. 2016 home prices in the Dallas area have risen over $360,000 on average.

Midwestern towns continue to lose manufacturing jobs – Detroit and Chicago – are basically bankrupt. Many businesses and individuals are heading south to Texas. Since 2010, more than 800,000 people have relocated to Dallas making the area #1 in the US for population growth.

The reason for this tremendous growth is employment. Annual employment growth for the Dallas-Fort Worth area is one of the highest amongst large metro areas at 3.5%. The median price for all homes sold in the first quarter was $265,000. Arlington and Irving remain the areas with the highest home prices. Summer 2017 housing remains hot, but a little cooler than summer 2016.

Dallas Housing Rocks

The agile financial institution will try to create financial products that satisfy the needs of their customers. CEO and President of NexBank John Holt spoke on the Texas Bankers Association conference panel, “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” By continuing to innovate, NexBank can keep the housing boom going.

The Dallas Fort Worth housing market remains strong. Few regions in the country can really compare, in terms of having a business-friendly environment with good jobs. NexBank is well-positioned to earn healthy profits.

     Alexandre Gama has a venture in the music industry in addition to his advertising work with Neogama, which is his own advertising company that he created back in 1999. His music business is called VIOLAB and was launched in 2014. The VIOLAB music venture features a professional recording studio to record albums and songs and a professionally designed and managed YouTube channel to promote the artists that sign with VIOLAB. It also has its own radio program and even its own record label. VIOLAB specifically focuses on music artists who play the acoustic guitar and instrumental music.

The very same year he launched his music recording business, Alexandre Gama was invited to create an exposition of his advertising work at Brazil’s Art Museum. It was the first such art exhibit that had the theme of advertising as its focus. Alexandre Gama’s advertising exhibition at the Brazilian Art Museum was shown for a total of two months and was even highlighted in the Sao Paulo cultural events calendar.

Mr. Gama also became a shareholder and foreign investor in a high end car manufacturer in 2014. He is now an investor and shareholder in the Briggs Automotive Company that has its headquarters in Liverpool, England.

JHSF is a construction company that specializes in the development of complex structures such as malls, hotels, residential and commercial buildings. The company is based in Brazil and it has major projects that are already accomplished and others that are ongoing. Among its known complexes that are already done includes the ParqueCidadeJardim mall famed as one of the biggest project ever. JHSF commands a major percentage in the country’s real estate market owing to its capability to deliver quality properties. As the Brazilian market blossoms with the growing economy, the company anticipates better business in the near future. JHSF has been keen on the recurrent income assets where major investors are eying to make good returns.

The success of the JHSF Company is attributed to CEO José AuriemoNeto who has been very vibrant in the management and oversight of its operations. Neto has been running the company for years now and under his reign so much has been accomplished. He is a seasoned graduate of the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University and his achievements in the real estate business are impressive. He joined in the early 90s and he was working under his father who was the company’s president at the time. Neto is a great entrepreneur who whose risk taking tendencies have materialized in unfathomably successful ways.

Under his father’s leadership, Neto influenced the company’s decision to take on one of the greatest projects in the history of JHSF. The development of the ParqueCidadeJardim was seen as a great risk and a huge budgeted venture. However, Neto was optimistic in the opportunities that this project would create. Today, he is credit for the success of the project that has seen the company’s profile rise up to become one of the greatest development companies in the region. It was the success of this particular project that set the precedent for the company’s completed and ongoing bigger projects. José AuriemoNeto is a great leader and he has captured the imaginations of many in the real estate market with his great ambitions. He also runs an affiliate company on the side that manages JHSF’s parking lots.

We hear about cancer research all the time. We participate in walks or runs to help raise money for cancer research, but few of us outside of oncology departments or research labs do true research into what can actually be done to move the process along.

That’s because we are layman, not doctors, right? Tech guru Eric Lefkofsky is proving that thought to be incredibly wrong. Several years ago his wife was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer. Being a man of action and research, he set about to study exactly what the treatment process was. What he found displeased him a great deal. Everywhere he looked he saw the volumes of data that were being collected. However, he found there was no one harnessing that data into a streamlined system so others could utilize it in the cancer treatment process. It was as if data was piling up in a stock room, but no one had the keys and learn more about Eric.

After finding this disconnect, Eric rallied his partners in the tech community to found Tempus. Tempus put the power of the tech community to work to revolutionize the way cancer was treated by putting data first when it came to cancer care and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

First, Tempus dealt with the fact that the “data” that was being collected was over physician’s notes. These notes were captured and stores, but they were basically useless. A doctor in Seattle couldn’t access a physician’s notes in New York and even if or when they could, they were simply notes on an individual patient that may not translate into another patient’s cancer treatment. Tempus overcame that by developing a platform that could read the notes and turn them into structured data that can be directly applied to cancer treatment to anyone that accessed the notes and Eric’s website.

From there, Tempus has to overcome the hurdle of needing to collect molecular data to pair with physician’s data. This is done through Human Genome Sequencing. The Human Genome Sequencing process used to be something that was typically out of reach, costing millions and millions of dollars. However, as research by Tempus and other forward-thinking companies pushed back, the process now costs just a few thousand dollars, with costs expecting to continue to drop and more information click here.


     It’s not easy being boss and CEO Alexandre Gama. This man says it all in print and copywriting fashion; his major fashion statement is that anything is possible, much more for those who hone in their talents and skills to one sole area of expertise, just as he has done. He started back in ’82, when he worked for Ogivly & Mather, just after getting his bachelor’s in advertising – along with another in communication specialties. This man has worked hard to show the world what he can do, and as a result, his creative design and copywriting skills are no less in the highest demand today.

This leader has proven that he can rise to any challenge on any occasion – heck, even to several challenges on countless occasions. He was born in Brazil and carries Brazilian blood, and that’s where the passion comes from. He continues to inspire.

     Mexico offers its citizens and visitors a wide range of options when it comes to media. There is free and pay television, an abundance of radio stations, many popular newspapers and magazines as well as access to news, information, entertainment and online shopping and social media via the internet. Almost anywhere in Mexico, you go you have easy access to both traditional and modern media.

There is lots of competition for Mexican viewers, listeners and reader but a few companies dominate the market. In free broadcast television it is Televisa and TV Azteca. They are national networks. Pay TV through either cable or satellite serves more than 5.5 million Mexicans. Sky Mexico dominates Mexico’s satellite television service industry. On the other hand, there are a host of regional cable television companies from which people generally choose. Mexico’s telephone companies Telmex, Axtel and Maxcom are the main sources of internet service.

There are many radio stations in Mexico. Radio Centro, Radio Formula, Radio Acir and

Televisa Radio are the most popular. In print media, Reforma, El Universal, La Jornada and Milenio have the most readers. Magazines like Proceso,

Vertigo and Letras Libres also have large readerships.

In Mexican media circles Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is a powerful figure. He is the director, CFO and vice president of administration and finance of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was also the company’s vice president of financial planning and CEO of Comercio Mas, S.A. de C.V. Since 2002 he’s been Innova, S. de R.L. de C.V ‘s director. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero also serves as Consorcio ARA, S. A. B. de C. V.’s independent director.

Viadero is also on the board of Mercado Mexicano de Derivados S.A., Mexder, Proveedor Integral de Precios, FS Unit 3007 Inc. and Miami Holdings, S.A. de C.V.


Rocketship Education is a nonprofit foundation that runs a chain of chartered public schools in the nation. The organization’s primary goal is to provide quality education to low-income families. It began its operations in San José in 2007 to serve the destitute in the community. In less than a decade, the foundation has launched more than 25 schools. Its unique curricula and core values are two factors which have earned the network of schools recognition and support.

Personalized Curricula

Children from impoverished families suffer from toxic stress. Such condition results in by an inability to handle provocations, solve conflicts and manage emotions. Consequently, they need to be educated on these social issues if they are to be successful in life. Rocketship Education has carefully selected social-emotional education curricula to help these students. Those in early grades learn these skills through the Kimochi’s curriculum. It focuses on personalities and temperaments.

Through these specialized curricula, Rocketeers become equipped to handle the challenges in life as well as being productive in the society. Research conducted by Stanford University’s CREDO (Centre for Research on Education Outcomes) showed that students who go through this system of education gain more than a month of quality learning compared to their counterparts in other schools.

Values of operation

Every Rocketship school has besides its creed, five core values. Four of the values; Persistence, Empathy, Respect, and Responsibility, are shared by all the schools. The fifth value is usually a selection of the teachers, leaders, and parents of each school. To establish the values in the lives of these students, each Rocketeer recites them every day in their creed. They are then encouraged to show them in their lives within the school and in their families.

Support and Goodwill

Consequently, even though some critics have attacked chartered public schools, Rocketship Education schools have always enjoyed overwhelming support from parents and the community. The backing is due to the network’s insistence on active parental participation in the schools’ operations. Other prominent people who have expressed good will towards the foundation’s education programs include Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix.


Securus Technologies is a company dedicated to giving law enforcement and correctional facilities the tools necessary to communicate with partners and carry our their jobs in policing inmate populations, investigating crimes, and providing public safety. With such a big task laid out before them, it’s not always clear just how well they’re doing by these institutions. To remedy that, Securus has published quite a few customer comments that comments on the technological solutions they provide and the role they play in solving crimes.


What they’ve made available is just a small collection of the physical letters, emails, and calls that have made their way back to Securus from the disparate authorities that apply these tools to make correctional facilities safer for those who work there and those serving their sentences.


Names and locations have been concealed to comply with Securus’s policies and to better protect the privacy of clients.


One commenter said that Securus has provided a stable communications platform, keeping up with the technological demands as they changed over time and helping to bolster public safety in the area. Securus’s monitoring capabilities were even instrumental in identifying corrupt staff and the contraband they brought into one correctional facility. And another was able to identify a ring of contraband products moving through a prison, which led to discovering new evidence in a violent criminal case.


The praise received is evidence of Securus‘s commitment to providing the correctional community what they need operate at their best. According to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Smith, Securus develops an average of one new product or service that makes it way out to market per week. This constant updating makes it common to receive such a high volume of contact from clients.


About Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies is an American security company servicing law enforcement and correctional facilities across North America. Securus provides the technological solutions necessary to coordinate emergency responses, manage data, monitor inmates, and carryout investigations.


From their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has been able to provide products and services to more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities that are in charge of policing and housing 1.2 million inmates.