Renew Youth is based on the treatment of imbalance in hormones. Their clients often seek assistance for treatment of testosterone or menopause, and therefore some of them may not realize that suffering comes from Thyropause. Thyropause means decreased thyroid.

Thyroid, also known as traffic control hormone, assists in the regulation of metabolic processes occurring in body tissues. It improves the creation of neurotransmitters and helps in maintaining the balance of body hormones such as estrogen. When the required hormones are not sufficiently produced due to thyroid glands not functioning properly, body systems experience effects characterized by the following symptoms: loss of hair, gaining of weight, dry skin, feeling depressed, anxiety and insomnia. These symptoms can also be noticed in people suffering from andropause and menopause.

Thyroid glands stop functioning properly due to stress, poor feeding habits and toxins from the environment. Health experts says that there are nutrients that improve thyroid metabolism. These nutrients, vitamin D, Iron, Iodine and Selenium are the best health solution to poor nutrition. It is advised that eating a balanced meal, naturally provides the body with these nutrients.

A chronic inflammation is caused by foods that impair the circulation of thyroid hormones. Sugary foods are not approved as they destroy the functioning of the thyroid due to increase in insulin levels. The air that we breathe in is toxified with industrial chemical pollution and dangerous metals. These toxins are also present in the choices of products used in our lives.

Thyroid functioning can be improved by eating a healthy meals and staying away from contaminated environments. Thyropause may be wrongly diagnosed because most doctors do not have updated protocols that can be used to test and cure thyroid imbalance. Also due to similarity in symptoms, doctors tend to conclude that one is suffering from menopause or andropause without running tests.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most versatile investors in the world. Even after being successful in other investment niches, Lefkofsky is one of the notable investors in the health sector. According to him, the main motivation for investing in the health sector was to make a difference in the world of health. In the health sector, the seasoned investor brings a lot of technological advancement, which he hopes will have a major input in the future of healthcare. Data and information according to him were among the less invested aspects in the health sector, and this is the main reason why he has invested heavily in the last three years.

In the medical world, data and information is king, and Eric Lefkofsky understands this reality. In the last three years, for example, investing in data and the latest technology has been instrumental in arraigning efficiency in the health sector. With more advanced technology, Lefkofsky has been able to fill the technology gap, which many companies in this niche have failed to fill over the years. Pundits believe that this is the future of medical sequencing. With this personalized approach to medical sequencing, he has not only helped patients get the best medical attention but also revolutionize technology use in the medical world.

The success of his company largely depends on his approach to productivity and his efficiency in operations. Eric Lefkofsky points out that apart from being one of the strongest believers of productivity of his employees, he loves being the reference point for them. This approach explains the reason why he has been one of the first people to report to work over the years. This routine according to him helps him to plan for other appointments, and in return, stay productive. According to him, this specific time also gives him a good time to study medical trends.The CEO of Tempus is not new to the world of solution making. Since graduating from law school, he has partnered with different people to imitate projects that have been instrumental in changing the operational approaches of different industries. In the process, he has accumulated a deeper understanding of corporate operations.

Hussain Sajwani, the Damac Owner was recently featured on the Forbes list of Billionaires and took up the third position among in the middle east. The renown real estate trader is the Chief executive of the multinational real estate company, Damac Properties as well as Global Logistics Services, a multinational chain of hotels and restaurants in Middles East and Africa. However, the 62-year-old couldn’t have made it here were it not for his huge risk appetite and fearlessness in business. Some of his biggest business risks include:

Leaving employment to start a business

After graduating from Washington University, Hussain Sajwani secured a job as a contract manager with GASCO. His entrepreneurial instincts would, however, kick in soon enough and this saw him leave the lucrative job to start a small catering company. Going into the hospitality industry, the Damac Owner didn’t have enough resources and neither was he experienced in the trade. But this bold move eventually paid off and even formed the backbone of his real estate company.

Taking on the untested luxury market early on

Dubai is currently considered one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. It is also considered the biggest and most lucrative markets for the global luxury real estate industry. But the desert city hasn’t always been like this and has taken years of hardwood on marketing and creating conducive working and living environments by both the city’s administration and the current real estate industry players like Hussain Sajwani. He took a significant risk when he started buying properties across the underdeveloped city long before the company broke even.

Launching into new markets despite low profit

Having been in the entrepreneurship world for close to four decades has taught the Damac owner the importance of fearless investing. Time and again his investing styles have gone against market trends with most eventually paying off. For instance, Damac properties closed the third quarter in the red.

However, this doesn’t seem to stop the Damac owner from venturing into new and unpredictable markets like London, especially in the face of the looming Brexit tensions. Most recently, Hussain expressed interest in China, at a time the Asian economic giant is on a trade war with the United States.

Dr. Saad Saad who is currently based in New Jersey is a well-known pediatrician surgeon. His medical career is very successful because of his high level of expertise and also his creative mind which has to innovations.

His success had made him be recognized by humanitarian groups, the Saudi Royal family and also other doctors. Dr. Saad Saad has had the opportunity to operate on many patients in his career most of his patients were underprivileged children.

In 2002 the Palestine children relief fund (PCRF) approached him to perform surgery on a fifteen-year-old boy who had been shot in the west bank. The Israelite doctors had been able to save his life but were unable to treat his complicated wounds. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions

Dr. Saad had said that the child had bullet holes in his stomach which had burnt his skin and that he was in dire condition. After seven hours of surgery, Dr. Saad was able to patch up the bullet holes and save the boy’s life. Formed in 19991 PCRF is a nonprofit, non-political group that was formed to solve the medical needs of Middle East children.

In May 2010 Dr. Saad also performed surgery on a girl from the west bank. The girl had been born with her intestines outside her stomach. For eighteen months the local doctors in Palestine were unable to fix the girl’s condition. After five hours of surgery, he was successful in creating fig leaf cover to cover up her exposed intestines.

The PCRF asked Dr. Saad to travel to Palestine so that he offers his skills to the locals. His first trip to Palestine was in 2008. His goal was to help the local residents who could not afford to get medical treatment in the local hospitals. Since then he has gone to Palestine seven more times with the same agenda.

Dr. Saad stated that the reason is that made his make those trips to Palestine was to help the poor and underprivileged who were not able to afford local treatment. He also wanted to pass down his expert skills to the young pediatric surgeons at the local hospitals.

He did this to ensure that the young doctors would be able to help the local residents even after he left their country. He also added that he did the trips to help with the economy since most countries don’t cater for free surgeries.

Due to his good work, Dr. Saad Saad has received several awards for his efforts. In 2010 he was awarded a humanitarian award by the PCRF. During his last mission in Palestine, he was received into the country by the Palestine president, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas.

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According to statistics, corporate America has donated more money compared to one decade ago. This increase in philanthropy funding is one of the ways these companies are making a difference in societies and people. One of the companies that have been instrumental in giving back to the society is Stream Energy.

Apart from participating in general projects, the company is one of the few entities that has founded a foundation. The main reason why the entity came up with the idea of founding a foundation was the infamous Hurricane Harvey, which according to the management of Stream Energy made the company reconsider the efficiency of its course in the philanthropy world.

With Stream Cares, the company is certain that it will continue making a difference in people’s lives especially those that need assistance. In one of the press releases, Stream Energy pointed out that the main goal of the foundation was to increase the company’s efficiency in assisting the Dallas communities.

Currently, the foundation is one of the foundations that give approximately 19 billion USD. However, through this foundation, the company hopes to share part of their profits with people in projects that are not only timely to Dallas communities but also in emergencies. According to pundits, formalizing the company’s aspirations to giving through Stream Care was one of the smartest moves by the company.

Before the foundation, the company had major projects for communities in Dallas. For example, Stream Energy is still part of Home Supply, which is a project with an aim of rewriting homelessness narrative. In this particular project, the company helps homeless families to access some basic things such as meals and shelters. Since the company is one of the firm believers of partnerships, it has collaborated with Hope Supply Co.

Working with this company has enabled the Dallas-based company to be part of giving families clothing, catering to homeless children and sometimes providing diapers for children. According to the Stream management, the project with Home Supply Co. has not only given the company a chance to work with different families but more importantly, make a difference in their lives.

It’s no secret that Sandy Chin can use her successful portfolio management skills to hit a homerun on a new project. She took one look at public elementary school PS11 and instantly knew she had to do something for the students on New York City’s West Side. The kids were in need of books for the summer, but the expense proved to much to bear for some of the parents. PS11 is also called the William T. Harris School. There are a diverse group of students who attend the school and a couple of low income housing projects provide a big portion of the attendees.

Many children are at risk of a summer slide when it comes to reading because over the summer, other activities take precedence. Children also do not have access to the same reading load they deal with over the school year. For some students, the lack of book access or encouragement may leave them with no reading at all for a period of three months. That’s a long time to be away from daily reading, and children can begin to fall back on reading levels. Sandy Chin’s son attends PS11, but he is not at risk for this situation because he has access to tons of books, and he enjoys going to the neighborhood library.

Many public libraries have started summer reading programs to help reduce the backslide, but many parents and children still don’t get the chance to take advantage of these programs. Having your own book is a very special feeling, and several of the children can be seen toting a book around like it’s their favorite stuffed animal. Sandy Chin remembers falling in love with books as a child, and she knows that if children had the appropriate access to books on their reading level, they would read them.

Sandy and other volunteers made a decision to have a summer book drive at PS11. The point of the drive was to collect used books that could be provided to kindergarten students at PS11 for free. This drive would provide all kindergarten kids with a book of their own to have and read over the summer break.

About Sandy Chin

Sandy Chin is the CIO and portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital. She previously worked as portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management LLC. She left Visium to focus on pharmaceutical stocks. She was the senior analyst of S.A.C. Capital Management LLC as well as Moore Capital Management, L.P. She has been the Vice President of Neuberger Berman LLC. she has also worked as an analyst at Bank of America Corporation, Jenrette International, and Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette. Learn more about Sandy on Inspirery.

Edwin Miranda is the CEO of a marketing firm that is growing and expanding as it is still young but hopes to be the new face of marketing. The marketing firm quickly is becoming a global force for marketing and even changing the way companies do their marketing. Miranda uses his company to offer other companies that ability to completely outsource their marketing needs. This saves the company that hires them money in the aspect they don’t need as many employees to take care of all the time, the service is a one all inclusive bill, and the company is able to meet with Miranda’s team members at any time. Because Miranda is stretching his company to be a worldwide company that means he is hiring people that know more than one language and is looking for a career where they can travel.

So he is currently looking to bring in more employees creating hundreds of jobs partially in Florida as that is where the company is housed at its home base. The companies that are hiring Miranda are young excited companies that only have the best things to say about his company because the companies hiring him don’t have to worry about anything. Of course then there is the final question on if those companies that hired his company are getting their promised results. The reality is they are getting those results and better because unlike other marketing experts his company doesn’t look at the past except for as a market of what used to be. In today’s society technology and thus new ways to market is coming into the scene all the time and if you don’t actually get in touch with technology companies you will more than likely fall behind in the marketing field because it is so fast paced.

Because Miranda is stretching his company to be a worldwide company that means he is hiring people that know more than one language and is looking for a career where they can travel. So he is currently looking to bring in more employees creating hundreds of jobs partially in Florida as that is where the company is housed at its home base. The companies that are hiring Miranda are young excited companies that only have the best things to say about his company because the companies hiring him don’t have to worry about anything. Of course then there is the final question on if those companies that hired his company are getting their promised results. The reality is they are getting those results and better because unlike other marketing experts his company doesn’t look at the past except for as a market of what used to be. In today’s society technology and thus new ways to market is coming into the scene all the time and if you don’t actually get in touch with technology companies you will more than likely fall behind in the marketing field because it is so fast paced.

With Papa John’s reporting three negative quarters in a row the new CEO Steve Ritchie is attempting to turn things around at the company a midst some recent bad publicity over the social climate at the company.

Steve Ritchie a man who started his career in the pizza business 25 years ago, and is quoted as saying that “pizza brings people together” recently became the CEO of Papa John’s.

After Ritchie and several other of Papa John’s leaders visited several major U.S. cities, during what he called a listening tour. Where they listened to feedback from team members and franchise owners on how the company can do better in the future.

Once he had finished his listening tour Ritchie penned an open letter to his employees, customers, and franchise owners. In the letter, he informed them of Papa John’s plan to correct the companies declining sales, and social issues. In the letter, he stated that the upper management had recently completed an unconscious bias training seminar and that he planned to implement the training nation wide. Ritchie also stated that they were conducting an independent cultural audit of the companies diversity and inclusion practices. The audit would help provide the company with recommendations on how to move the company forward after recent events.

Mr. Ritchie also outlined in his letter two new long term programs, one of which is aimed at increasing women and minority-owned franchises, and the other will be focused on making positive impacts in the local communities where Papa John’s employees live and work.

Steve Ritchie believes that people are the heart of Papa John’s business and that by forming a new foundation which focuses on supporting organizations that help bring us together and helping fight those that try to keep us apart he will create a solid foundation for the company to grow on.

OSI Food Solutions, a subsidiary of OSI Group, has several food processing facilities spread across the globe. The company’s factory located in Toledo, Spain, recently expanded its chicken processing capacity. OSI Food Solutions introduced a new line capable of facilitating the production of 24,000 tons of chicken on a yearly basis. The previous production line could only manage to yield 12,000 tons of chicken in a year.

The new production line aims at enabling OSI Food Solutions Spain to produce about 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken yearly. Twenty new employees got the chance to work with the company to facilitate this latest expansion. The line will help OSI Group solidify its presence across Spain and maintain its reputation as an international meat supplier. OSI Food Solutions Spain got financial support from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund since it demonstrated that the project was economically and environmentally sustainable.

Was the New Production Line Worth Investing

José María del Río, the MD of OSI Food Solutions Spain said that there are increasing demands of chicken products in Spain and Portugal. To him, the demands are likely to increase by 8 percent making OSI Food Solutions Spain profitable. José María del Río is also hopeful that as this trend continues, his company will help paint a good image for OSI Group in the European food market. He’s certain that the new production line is a good investment in lines of the current chicken demands.

OSI Group approved the designs of the production line’s building, which measures 22,600 square feet. The building features an employee lounge, a production hall, shipping and receiving areas and a supply storage area. Other rooms include a product development kitchen for addressing consumers’ and clients’ needs and refrigerated rooms for storing waste containers.

David McDonald’s Thoughts on the New Expansion

As the COO and president of a world-renowned brand, OSI Industries, David McDonald believes that the new expansion will create more employment opportunities. He’s also certain that the project will foster the growth of OSI’s product portfolio. McDonald is confident that OSI Group will get the opportunity to increase sustainability and productivity through the project.

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Today, former Wall Street investor, Paul Mampilly, is heavily into his second career, providing sound investment advice to “Main Street” Americans through the newsletters, Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum – all produced under Banyan Hill Publishing. This transition from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street has allowed Paul Mampilly to reach a much wider audience, relying on more egalitarian principles. Since retiring from portfolio management in 2016, he has continued to flourish, granting people from all life access to the secrets of elite Wall Street investors, while also actively investing on his own.

A native of rural India, Paul Mampilly moved to Dubai with his family as a youth in 1974 at a time in which the nation had recently begun experiencing an exponential financial boom due to the discovery of oil underneath the land. The decision of his father to move to Dubai, afforded Mr. Mampilly the opportunity to experience a privileged life when compared to that of his parents, and in 1986, he enrolled in Montclair State University, where he garnered a degree in business administration. He would continue his education at Fordham Gabelli School of Business, earning a master of business administration.

After graduating from Montclair State University, Paul Mampilly embarked on a storied Wall Street career, working as an assistant portfolio manager with Bankers Trust, and later taking on the role of research assistant once the company was acquired by Deutsche Bank. From there, he worked at ING, as a senior research analyst, and eventually landed at Kinetics Asset Management, where he grew his portfolio from $6 billion to over $25 billion in assets. Mr. Mampilly’s work at Kinetics Asset Management garnered him significant recognition, resulting in the fund being named one of the “World’s Best” by “Barron’s” magazine based on their 43 percent rate of return. Throughout his career, Paul Mampilly has maintained a high level of success in the volatile world of investment due, in part, to his intense research habits, which often require him to read for upwards of twelve hours each day.

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