Friday Tennessee State Governor Bill Haslam rejected, a bill that would make the Bible the state’s official book. Governor Haslam reiterated the bill violates the Constitutional Establishment Clause and is also in violation of The Tennessee Constitution Article 1, Section 3 which uphold no preference shall be given by law to any religious group or place of worship.

Last year the bill passed through the Senate, however, it barely made it through the House. Even though Governor Haslam has vetoed the bill it could still be enacted as law if it receives the same number of votes from the House and Senate that it originally took to pass the bill. If the bill passes it could be an unprecedented event, which would bring into question the Separation of Church and State.

Throughout the United States Christianity continues to come under fire as a First Amendment violation. A federal judge in California ordered Los Angeles County to remove the Latin cross from the county seal. Last year several judgements were made by several federal courts regarding religious rulings. The Arkansas Western District of the US District Court ruled that the nativity scene that was placed on the grounds of the Baxter County Courthouse violated the First Amendment. Last year the ninth circuit of the US Court of Appeals ruled that a statue of Jesus could remain on US Forest Service land, however, they ruled a nativity scene in Palisades Park violated a Santa Monica city ordinance. Christianity is the only religion that has been continuously under fire in the court system.

Regardless of whose rights are being violated or which Amendment maybe wrongly interpreted our basic human rights are guaranteed by the United States Constitution. When the are violated a prominent attorney such as one like Ross Abelow would then go enter a lawsuit with the appropriate court and argue on our behalf. Abelow has nearly thirty years of legal experience in a wide variety of areas. Ross Abelow graduated from the Brooklyn School of Law with a juris doctor in 1989. He was admitted to practice in the state of New York in 1990.

Abelow specializes in Matrimony, Corporate Litigations, and Entertainment law. He has represented many of New York’s famous residents. He has argued many cases both as a prosecutor and defense attorney in the New York court system. He has also argued to protect his clients rights and business interests.

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Though a bonafide Brit, Victoria Doramus has lived across the pond for many years, even earning her degrees in journalism and mass communication at the University of Colorado. A marketing pro with experience in advertising, branding, communication and media platforms and formats, Doramus is a self-proclaimed expert in the art of addiction recovery and the management and organizing of nonprofits. She’s aligned herself with numerous charitable institutions, including the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Like many individuals who’ve battled their way through addiction, Victoria Doramus had to seek help more than once before the seeds of sobriety gained meaningful ground. Early attempts revolved around a need to gain traction in a life that had become a quagmire of unmanageable behaviors. Along the way she tried Adderall, cocaine and amphetamines. She became homeless, friendless and almost lost a parent to cancer, all while still not figuring out how to find a treatment that would stick.

A Texas facility geared to deal with the chronic relapser proved itself a turning point for Victoria Doramus, see more on her site. Facility-residents were made responsible for allotted daily chores. There was required meditation and peer confrontations. AA meetings were non-negotiable. And the 12 step system was in full force. Treatment was followed up by a halfway house, where Doramus waited tables and learned what it was like to truly work one’s way up from the bottom rung of society. Along the way she realized that no one succeeds at recovery alone. A community must hold the mirror up to the individual, forcing her to view her own behaviors and stop victimizing herself in favor of real growth.

Today, Victoria Doramus concentrates on staying humble and giving back. One specific goal is to create a halfway house for New York residents, struggling with addiction, based on the 12 step model. Find out more by visiting her facebook account.

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Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered investment advisor and the founder of Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is an investment firm that offers professional and customized advice to clients to maximize their wealth. Blair realized that most people are not well versed in financial management and investments. That is why in 1994 he established his independent firm, Wealth Solutions, to provide considerable expertise in wealth building and guidance needed to achieve one’s financial goals. Growing up in a family of teachers where his grandmother, mother, and wife were all teachers greatly influenced his decision to teach people about financial literacy. He had seen the way teaching improves ones courage and knowledge. Blair had a passion for finance and immediately after graduating with a degree in economics and accounting from the University of Houston, he plunged into the industry. Over time he has gained significant experience in the sector and received several certifications including CES, CAS, CFS, CIS, RICP, and CTS.

The financial markets are quite dynamic and to fulfill individual client needs, a plan is required to guide one accordingly. To develop an optimal plan Richard Dwayne Blair designed a three-pillar approach to be used. In the first pillar, he gets to understand the client’s expectations and financial goals to get a gist of what road to take. He then evaluates the risk tolerance, strengths, and opportunities for growth. This phase creates a bond with the clients as they lay out the financial roadmap.

In the second phase, long-term investment strategies that are client specific are designed to fulfill client goals and liquidity needs. Resources are shifted accordingly during upward market movement and during an adverse market period to maximize gains and minimize impact respectively. Once the financial goals are set and strategies created to achieve them Blair joins hands with the clients in the last pillar of implementation and monitoring. He professionally implements and evaluates the progress against set goals and other controls like historical data. Richard Dwayne Blair buffers his clients from loss by ensuring his clients have long-term insurances, annuities, and life insurance. Blair has a proven track record in his field and continues to advise people in Texas and beyond on how to increase their wealth.

Michael Lacey has worked as a math professor at Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996. Former students have praised Lacey for his teaching skills and his impact on their academic performance at the university. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

One former student indicated that he performs better in other courses because of the skills he obtained from Dr. Lacey’s course. Additionally, one former student complimented Lacey for his approach to relating to his students and said the professor can consider an additional career in music as a rap artist.

Lacey has worked as a leader in the field of mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology in various capacities. As a mentor, Michael Lacey has assisted both undergraduate students and graduate students at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Additionally, he has provided opportunities for graduates to work with him in postdoctoral positions. Undergraduate students have received guidance from Lacey which resulted in their acceptance to prestigious graduate programs.

His thesis on probability resulted in Michael Lacey receiving his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign. Lacey is proficient in the field of pure mathematics.

After he received his PhD, Michael Lacey held postdoctoral positions at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Additionally, Lacey received a National Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Since he began his teaching role at Georgia Institute of Technology, Lacey has received multiple awards and written numerous research papers. Michael Lacey obtained support for his research from various research foundations and mathematical institutes.

Organizations such as the National Science Foundation and Guggenheim Foundation have financed Lacey’s research. The American Mathematical Society named Michael Lacey a Fellow in 2012.

Paul Mampilly is an investor that is located in America who previously worked at Hedge Fund as the manager of the funds, and he was a winner at the Templeton Foundation investment competition. He has been in the field for the past 25years, and in his career path, his services have not gone unnoticed because there have been different shows that have featured. Paul has been on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News offering his services to the people of wall street that are interested in knowing more about when to invest and the stock trends. The career path of Paul started off in 1991 at Bankers Trust where he was the portfolio manager.

After offering his services to the company and dedicating nothing but hard work, he was then given the chance of being in charge of managing accounts that were worth multimillion dollar at the Deutsche Bank and ING, the other companies that he was offering his services to were the Royal Bank of Scotland and the private Swiss Bank. When he reached 42 years, Paul Mampilly was not up to the idea of making the people of Wall Street richer. That’s what lead to him deciding that he needed to retire and devote the knowledge that he had in helping the Americans make good use of investment opportunities that were available.

Today Paul Mampilly is offering his services at Banyan Hill Publishing. The company is an investment researcher, and the sales that they have is $80 million for distributing the financial strategies for those people that are seeking ways of bettering and growing their wealth. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, from that time the people that had signed up for the newsletters increased to 90,000 people. Each month Paul Mampilly will have a full 8 pages newsletter that will have all the information needed about an investment opportunity that he thinks is worthwhile.

The other thing that Paul will include in the newsletters is the model portfolio that he will track, and then he will list stocks that the readers might consider buying. The other thing that he does apart from writing the newsletter is manage Extreme Fortunes and the True Momentum.

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Ryan Seacrest is the host of a nationally broadcasted television show, radio show host, and producer of other television programs while still managing his own skin care and clothing lines. He’s quite busy. Ryan Seacrest manages this hefty schedule by waking up early, minimizing his preparation routine, and consuming nutritious drinks to keep him fit and alert. Mr. Seacrest also follows a fitness routine both during and outside of his business hours. His routine includes boxing, general gym exercise, and riding stationary bikes for cardio.

Ryan Seacrest also takes measures to keep his personal life intact while dealing with such a demanding schedule. He does not accept business calls until the second half of the day. This allows him to begin his day right by consuming daily news a little television before work. That’s besides his workout regimen of course. He used to believe that all business-related calls had to be dealt with immediately. He now realizes that he can queue his calls and deal with them one at a time without stressing out over them. He learned this through disciplining himself.

Ryan Seacrest also has a passion for food. He’s mostly vegan but loves quality food and wine. When asked why he works so hard he states that it’s just, so he can eat well and drink wine, so he can enjoy life. He keeps his phone down as much as possible to help keep him from becoming distracted. He suffers from attention deficit disorder but finds that cutting out his mobile device helps keep him focused.

In a post from Business of Fashion, it says that Ryan was also affected by the words of a long-time idol of his. He watched Dick Clark as a child and also had the opportunity to work with him before Dick’s death. Ryan Seacrest states that Dick Clark told him if he’s a host on TV and makes people think that it looks easy, then he’s doing the job well. Ryan Seacrest and his career were both affected by Dick Clark’s words.

Among his current work, Ryan Seacrest was a host for American Idol for several years, he has a clothing and accessory line called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction”, he is the host of a radio show called “On Air With Ryan Seacrest“, a co-host alongside Kelly Ripa for “Live with Kelly and Ryan” which is a New York based morning show, and the founder of the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”. The “Ryan Seacrest Foundation” is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire youth through entertainment and educational initiatives.


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Greatness can come in various shapes and forms. The Academy of Art University is definitely great at what it does on an annual basis. This particular school specializes in developing individuals for careers in the arts. It also specializes in developing individuals in the fields of communication and design. You won’t find a more thorough and profound institute that can outperform this school when it come to these subjects. The Academy of Art University has been in existence for nearly 90 years and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in the future.

Fashion design is big business in our modern day society. This is one of the most fascinating and exciting industries on earth. The Academy of Art University has a firm understanding of fashion design, and it has produced plenty of talented people. At the 2017 New York fashion Week, this California-based school displayed its stuff to the whole world via its former graduates. Academy of Art University was represented by 10 of its BFA and MFA graduates. Each one of these individuals have dedicated themselves by arranging a spectacular showcase of multiple fashion collections. This includes menswear and womenswear fashion lines. The amount of hard work that goes into each piece of clothing can’t be put in words, but the 15 minutes of showcasing makes it all worthwhile. Skylight Clarkson Center in New York City was flooded with spectators for this event, and some of the spectators were celebrities. “America’s Next Top Model’s” Ms. J. Alexander was spotted in the crowd.

Of course, the event was a huge success and the Academy of Art University completed what it had set out to do. The school now offers online classes as well as offer portfolio development programs. All in all, the Academy of Art University is raising the bar by changing the status quo.

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Enjoy Great Organic Processed Foods With OSI

You can enjoy the top food selections from the popular OSI Industries Food Group. They have been able to give their customers a guaranteed safe diet that adheres to the tough food guidelines set forth by food regulation experts. They offer their clients a great way to take part in a stabilized diet with the proper blend of antioxidants and all natural ingredients. OIs, is based in southern Illinois and is the largest food group service provider in North America. Millions of customers prefer their rich organic processed foods, 10 to 1, over other leading food competitors.

OSI International Business News

Did you know the OSI Industries Food Group are leading international food competitors? They have been able to create an EU acquisition worth $7 million dollars. Today, they operate the Flagship Europe food facility plant. As one of their largest plants, OSI will operate the facilities and process their restaurant condiments and meat patties. Flagship Europe says, the deal has been a success to all parties involved. In fact, they’ve been able to further extend their international business portfolio including a deal with the popular Dutch, Baho Food Group.

Meet The OSI Team Of Executives

With over 20,000+ employees at OSI, it is hard to just name one employee that has made a contribution to their success. However, their President and Chairman, David A. McDonald, is a fearless part of the OSI Industries team lending over 25+ years experience to the industry. He also is a proud graduate of the University of Illinois and a humanitarian aid. McDonald, also works alongside their COO, Sheldon Lavin. Lavin, also believes giving back to the community is important and has lent generous time and resources to charities like the Salvation Army and United Way. They have also been able to greatly increase the equity in their food service group. You can choose from many different unique job descriptions from the OSI website. If it’s an OSI Industries diet, it’s one you can trust to feed your family and one you can afford.

Haley Thompson recently published an article on the Chronicle of Week website titled “Paul Mampilly Makes a Career Change to Help Everyday Investors”. In the article, Thompson reveals the latest success of Paul Mampilly.

Mampilly previously worked as a hedge fund manager for some of the largest companies on the market like ING, Kinetics International, and Deutsche Bank. He worked on Wall Street for nearly two decades, gaining accolades like one of the “World’s Best” according to Barron’s magazine. He also won an investing competition where he gained a 76% increase in profit from a $50 million investment portfolio. He grew the portfolio to $88 million in a short time during the financial crisis, without shorting any stocks, revealing his talent and skill in the financial world.

However, Paul Mampilly recognized the toll the job had on his family and he retired from Wall Street at the age of 42. He was quickly plucked out of retirement by Banyan Hill Publishing, an independent research firm and publishing company that focuses on investment newsletters. Mampilly created a newsletter called “Profits Unlimited” where he helps everyday Americans gain insight on the latest trends and markets. He updates the newsletter each week, tracking the investments with a sample portfolio to demonstrate to his readers how much they can be earning. Mampilly reveals that those who invest based on his advice are often earning a profit. The average stocks that he selects can make as much as a 165% increase while those that are down have only gone down 2.5%.

Mampilly reveals that there is always a risk when investing, but people can decrease their level of risk by investing for the long term. The stock market can often be volatile on a day to day basis, but typically it increases over time.

Mampilly was also featured on the Premier Gazette article titled “Broadening the Tree of Wealth with Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing”. The article, written by Stephen Ray, reveals the different levels of the newsletter. Profits Unlimited has more than 90,000 readers which are centered on providing low-risk investments that still have the potential to grow continually.

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Leaders stay relevant after their service when they still try their best to offer their expertise for other leaders who are still in the middle of their career. But only those leaders who had shown excellent performance while active in their service have the authority to offer such expertise. Only leaders like The Trabuco Bradesco Leadership can have such authority.

There are many news people can read about The Trabuco Bradesco Leadership, which is the term used to describe the role Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi played for Bradesco, Brazil’s second-largest bank. One of the recent news people can easily find on page 1 in various news portals would be the news of the replacement of Cappi for Bradesco’s leadership. An insightful piece about the transition would easily come from the news portal Estadao, where it reported that 12 March 2018 was the day that the Octavio de Lazari Junior would have to take the role of CEO for Bradesco, replacing the Trabuco Bradesco leadership that had been ingrained in the company.

It must be added that the selection of Lazari Junior as the replacement of the Trabuco Bradesco management is a product of a long, arduous process, and had been duly endorsed by what is called the Succession and Appointment Committee of the Organization. Some of the factors considered to select Lazari Junior would be his merits as well as his previous role as the vice president of the bank, and as the president of its Bradesco Seguros’ branch. It is also part of the selection process to value continuity of the kind of business culture already ingrained in the previous Trabuco Bradesco leadership style.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had already left an admirable legacy for Lazari Junior to follow. It’s also noteworthy to state here that there was already an extension for Luiz Trabuco to run Bradesco. From 65 years, the extension of the age limit was changed to 67 years to give an extension to the necessary leadership of Luiz Trabuco as CEO. This transition to Lazari Junior is also seen to be easily anticipated, especially after the formal resignation of a previous board member last October.


Jim Toner has been working in the real estate investment business for well over 25 years. He has started out with simple wholesale deals with no credit or money and ended up on CNN for giving homes to veterans. Jim Toner has to endure many incidents beginning in 2010 which caused him to get out of the real estate market.

He, as well as many of his clients, were deceived by a “guru” operating out of Phoenix who ended up stealing their money and causing devastation to their lives. He changed his direction in life and ended up working directly with entrepreneurs and business owners. He even wrote a book called, “Send in the Wolves,” which ended up being a number one hit on Amazon.

He was approached by a world-class marketer and friend and inquired if he was still investing in real estate. Jim Toner schooled his friend on how dirty the market has gotten and that he has learned from his mistakes. The friend made him realize that he had become a real Guru and that he had a great rags to riches story to share with the world.

This conversation was a game-changer, and Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) decided that it was time to get back in the saddle but with a couple of conditions. He would pick the market that he would operate in and recruit the best local investor in town to do business with.

According to Jim Toner, the best way to help people to make money is to walk them through the process and to avoid simply doing what is good for you and not the client. Toner and his team chose five markets starting in Akron, Ohio and have done over 200 deals in that location in just a few years.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner created a good system and is motivated to become the best real estate investment training company in the entire world. His podcast will be called The Band of Rebels” and will give entrepreneurs something useful to listen to. He’s interested in reaching his goal which is helping others reach their goals.