Tammy Mazzocco started her real estate career as a secretary in a nine-man commercial real estate company. Her next job was as manager of a two complex condominium project where her boss suggested that she get her real estate license so she could help him in some of his real estate projects. This was in 1995.


Her next job was as a licensed assistant to a high producing RE/MAX Realtor, and it was here that experienced how to manage a high-volume real estate office. In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco made the decision to go into the real estate business on a full-time basis.


Today Tammy works in Licking, Franklin, Deleware, and Fairfield Counties in central Ohio, and it would be fair to say that she is very successful in selling residential real estate.


The one thing that Tammy Mazzocco loves about real estate is that it allows her to fly on her own. There was a song in the 60s that stated that you couldn’t roller skate in a buffalo herd, but you can have fun if you want to. The other side of that equation is that you CAN rollerskate in the buffalo herd if you can control the buffalo. And you can still have fun too.


That is what Tammy Mazzocco has done, is that she says that she loves to set goals, and then break through them with success. The way that she does it is to break down her goals into actionable steps. That way they are easy to achieve step-by-step.


Tammy states that the real estate business is a “people business.” She attempts to focus totally on the client’s needs, setting aside thinking about anything she is going to get from a transaction, but to solve the buyer’s issues. Then and only then will the client be satisfied and be willing to do business with you.


Tammy Mazzocco has learned well by listening to mentors and putting ideas into action. The result is obvious. True success is born from within, and Tammy has shown her resolve and dedication to her craft.


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Central Ohio real estate agent, Tammy Mazzocco was a recent guest on Ideamensch. The site which features entrepreneurs and successful people interviewed Mazzocco on her career and how she has achieved an impressive track record in the Ohio real estate industry. A short synopsis of the interview Tammy Mazzocco had with Ideamensch is provided below.


Ideamensch asked Tammy Mazzocco how she brings her ideas to life in the real estate business. Her answer was that she brainstorms ideas, does plenty of research on them and does a quick business plan to see if her idea is indeed feasible and realistic enough to be implemented.


Another question given to Tammy Mazzocco was what is one trend that excites her in business right now. Mazzocco responded by saying that she is very excited about lead generating companies that connect a live customer to you by phone. Tammy adds that if she can get someone on the phone, she is that much more likely to schedule an appointment or meeting with the person regarding a buy, sell or lease of real estate. Once an appointment or meeting is set up, a sale, lease or purchase is significantly more likely due to a face to face meeting with the client and getting to know what he or she wants from the deal.


A question about hindsight posed to Tammy Mazzocco was what advice what she give to her younger self right now. The advice she would give herself includes not being so serious and more easygoing, living without fear of failing and taking risks and not settling for what you have or can do. Ideamensch closed the interview by asking Tammy Mazzooocco what is her favorite book. She said that Life Strategies by Dr. Phil is her favorite. It has ten life laws that when followed can really improve your life. Dr. Phil also uses real life stories to illustrate the life laws in practice so they are easy to understand.

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A litigator is met by acquiring certain levels of education and experience. The litigator negotiates on the matters that end up in courts thus, he is considered as a trial attorney. He works for law firms, in the corporate setting, in governmental agencies and can also attain his own private legal practice. He is able to oversee the activities of the paralegal to some degree. The career requires a litigator to acquire an undergraduate degree, proceed to attain a Juris Doctor degree and pass the bar examination.

To become a successful litigator, one must possess strong primary skills in verbal and written communication skills. It is considered that he must know the ins and outs of the Microsoft Office software package. He also has the know-how of using the legal software and conducting legal research. A strong litigator is a multi tasker who owns firm analytical and critical thinking abilities. He must pay attention to details, be well organized and have good character traits as a member of the legal staff.

Karl Heideck, a successful personality in the field of legal writing and research, this are the fundamental skills that are relative to proper case preparation. He possesses a broad range of knowledge and expertise that relates to corporate law, arbitration, intellectual property law and employment law. Karl Heideck has rich knowledge and skill as a litigator, which are the important factors to have a successful client representation. Karl Heideck also teaches law and works in respect to the business arrangements and the corporate acquisitions and negotiations.

Karl Heideck earns his Bachelors of Arts degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. He later entered the Temple University and graduated with a Juris Degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009. Presently, Karl Heideck is serving as a Hire Counsel in the Greater Philadelphia area. With success in handling legal matters in the way of acquisition, he has provided litigator services and also as an arbitrator. He has also worked at Conrad O’Brien and Pepper Hamilton LLP.

The Omar Boraie Chair was established ( to assist research in precision medicine at New Jersey’s Rutgers Cancer Institute. Endowed chairs show the university’s commitment to Genomic Science. The chair was named after a developer from New Brunswick, Mr. Omar Boraie. Omar has pledged $1.5 million to support the chair. According to this report compiled by newswise, the establishment of the chair was part of an 18 chair challenge by Rutgers University, where an anonymous donor provides $1.5 million match for each 18 new chairs.

Development of Genomic Science

The discipline of precision medicine and genomic science has transformed how medical practitioners approach the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. This field is new, and involves the analysis and treatment of tumors occurring due to genetic factors. It allows oncologists to recommend individual therapies for better results. Former U.S. president, Barrack Obama, acknowledged its national importance during a public address in which he announced that a national precision medicine initiative would be launched. The initiative was going to focus on identifying a cure for cancer among other fatal diseases.

A few cancer centers perform gene sequencing for research purposes. However, Rutgers Cancer Institute is the first facility in U.S., and the only one to use genomic sequencing for treating cancer patients. Genomic sequencing has proven to be valuable in therapies conducted on patients with rare cancers, limited treatment options, or poor prognoses. The improvements on precision medicine have enabled the classification of cancers to populations that have the same features but different genetic factors. This helps in predicting patient outcomes and identifying individualized cancer treatments.

Scientists at the Rutgers Cancer Institute have made significant strides in precision medicine targeting patients with non-responsive cancers. Omar Boraie, while making his pledge, remarked that he was hopeful that his donation would inspire the support of other like-minded individuals to enable the goals of precision medicine be achieved.

Boraie has played an important part in developing New Brunswick as a Healthcare City, The Rutgers Cancer Institute acknowledged that his efforts to support genomic science will impact cancer research and treatment worldwide. To read more about Omar, visit

About Rutgers Cancer Institute

Rutgers Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute that has been designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. The State University of New Jersey is a part of Rutgers and like the institute; it is dedicated to the improvement, treatment, and care of cancer patients, and also to acting as an education resource. Physicians at the institute perform translation research and transform their discoveries into medical practice.


In 2013, the construction of Copa Star Hospital started in Southern Rio. It took three years to have the hospital completed, and in October 2016 it was inaugurated. The hospital was designed with the aim of releasing the residents from the pressure of having to travel from Rio to Sao Paulo in search of treatment. The investment lies in 21 thousand square meters of land and has seven floors all of which are fully incorporated with technological innovation and refinement.

Unique Design for a Hospital

The investment, which consumed over R $400 million, is designed like a five-star hotel. Rede D’Or Sao Luiz commonly implements this unique architectural design for their buildings. The hospital reconciles qualified medical and hotel accommodation staff with modern technology to ensure maximum comfort during the recovery process. Additionally, the hospital employs state of the art technology to offer the most sophisticated medical services to their patients. Every inpatient is provided with an iPad which they can use to communicate with their doctors or request the attention of the nurses.

State of the Art Medical Equipment

The Copa Star also harmonizes modern technology in medical equipment such as hybrid rooms, smart surgical rooms, and neurosurgeon rooms integrated with magnetic resonance equipment, telemedicine, and robotic medicine. The bed features are fully automated. The interns having the ability to change the room lighting, close and open curtains depending on their doctor’s instructions. In addition to the sophisticated equipment, the hospital additionally employs qualified staff, among them FIFA professionals.

The Star Cup is not only designed to employ technology but also with the aim of ensuring the patients receive world class medical services. This was achieved by first taking the multidisciplinary team through training. This training was aimed at helping the professionals improve their skills in assisting the patients as well as operating on the thoroughly technologized hospital equipment.

Health Services for All

One can easily confuse the hospital to be exclusively for the financially well up considering the technology incorporated in the investment. The truth, however, is that the hospital is open to all and accepts medical insurance from different companies that have premium flags. Additionally, the hospital accepts any form of payment mode from the patients.

Prior inauguration, the hospital held talks with several medical insurance covers to ensure they have a proper working plan with them. This was done with the aim of assisting patients from different walks of life have an opportunity to receive medical services from the hospital.

A few meters from the Star Cup hospital is Shopping Antiquarious. Before the hospital was inaugurated, the D’Or network acquired the third floor of the building. The floor was renovated and is used as the support area of the hospital whereby billing, maintenance, clinical engineering, and clothing among other extra services are carried out.

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There are a lot of issues to work through when deciding where to hold your wedding. The first step in the process that you’ll want to do is establish a draft budget. You’ll want to have an idea of how much you can spend on each category of your wedding so that you know what you can afford to spend for each item. You don’t want to put yourself in the position of where you signed a contract for an expensive wedding venue only to find out you don’t have enough money for your preferred caterer, for example. As you research wedding venues enter them into a spreadsheet so that your search is organized and complete.

There are a large number of things to keep track of when picking a venue. For example, you’ll want to know how many people a location can hold in order to be sure it is large enough for your event. Most venue websites give you an idea of what rates they charge so you’ll want to keep track of that as well. You should also find out if there are any restrictions such as a hard limit on what time your event needs to end by. There are many issues that go into choosing a wedding venue but these thoughts can get you started.

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Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy has been sorely underappreciated by the both the American public and lawmakers. According to this article we are incredibly ignorant about the good Betsy DeVos’ generous philanthropic efforts have been.

Betsy DeVos herself is a poster child for how private Christian schools and colleges can produce professionals equal or better than the traditional public school students. DeVos attended Holland Christian schools and later attended Calvin College where she received a Bachelor of Arts. She has served on the board of several different companies such as The Windquest Group and Neurocore. The most interesting aspect of Betsy DeVos is her storied history as a generous philanthropist.

From this article I learned that Betsy DeVos is a champion of choice and a steward of financial responsibility. DeVos has made major financial contributions to Christian private schools allowing families in areas with crumbling public school systems to have options for education. Receiving a Christian education has become increasingly difficult in today’s society, but residents of Grand Rapids have plenty of options when it comes to educating their children. Furthermore, public school systems in these areas have not only failed to provide effective education, but also have become financial vacuums where millions of tax dollars are wasted without seeing any improvement. DeVos herself has even worked to improve public schools by sending Christian representatives to teach good moral values.

Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy doesn’t end at developing moral education either, her efforts have vastly improved the standard of living in Grand Rapids. Because of her and her family, Grand Rapids has developed a strong beer industry which has directly led to the creation of thousands of houses and many high quality restaurants. Universities in the area (supported by DeVos obviously) have seen major increases in enrollment and the economic future for the city are bright. If you like beer, work or live near Grand Rapids, or have attended a Christian college then you likely have felt the benefits of Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy.

There has been a lot of misinformation surrounding Betsy DeVos’ accomplishments and philanthropy. I for one, am glad that I at least found an article that gave me a better understanding of how she has helped America and how she is a stellar role model to women everywhere. Folllow Betsy on Twitter.