Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Quincy Apartments may be deemed as a convenient location to stay, as it is very close to the Amtrak in in New Jersey. But before you immediately lay down the first month’s rent for a nice, convenient apartment, you might want to check out your surroundings of the area and things that go down. Because you may have never thought of safety being an issue, but you should.

On November 30, 2012, a man who goes by the name “Pistol” on the street and Parysh Wood on his birth certificate, was committed with robbery charges. He was the leader of a small crew with two other males. The pizza delivery man approached the N Building of the Quincy Apartments Complex and knocked on the door, but was denied by the man inside. As the pizza delivery guy walked back to his car, Parysh Wood and the two other suspects came up the delivery man and said the pizza was for them.

As the pizza man went back to the car to retrieve the pizza, one of the three brought out a gun and put it to the man’s head. The suspects then got away with money, the delivery boy’s wallet, and well, the pizza, and took off to a parking lot nearby where the sped off in an old minivan. Parysh is currently serving time with a ten thousand dollar bail.

Another incident took place on October 7, 2015. At the New Brunswick Apartment around 9:30 pm, three or four shots were reported heard in the vicinity of building number one. One victim was left with a minor gunshot wound and was driven to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in a dark Honda and dropped off. The person driving the vehicle was deemed the suspect of the shooting, and was wearing a dark hoodie.

Beyond just these incidents, the Quincy complex and New Brunsiwck City area have reported numerous accounts of other shootings and incidents due to domestic fights, and if not in the exact circle of Quincy, there are other shootings around that are bound to be heard and happened. So before making a decision to rent anytime soon, you need to do some deeper digging into this area of New Jersey and other news in the New Brunswick area, for not only your safety, but for a decent sleeping schedule and arrangement as well.

App-based dating is becoming more and more common; with the elevation in technology, people are getting accustomed to finding their significant others online. There are quite a good number of dating sites, but there are those that stand out example are Bumble and Tinder.

Dating apps have several advantages and probably the reason why so many people are turning to them. It is a fast and convenient way to find someone you like on the app and have a variety of choices to pick from; a large number of people are on the app so can scroll and find the person who interests you. Most app show mutual friends, at least the one search will not feel like they are complete strangers because they can have mutual friends. Dating apps are perfect for busy people, those who work at home and those who keep to themselves; having these lives is not easy to meet someone to date, so the app comes in handy because you are using your phone or computer.

A good number of relationships founded on dating app work and led to a more serious relationship like marriage. However, sometimes clients of the app report abuse and mistreatment. Bumble’s statistics show that they have the least number of victims of violence; the success may be attributed to the fact that in Bumble it is the women that reach out to men.

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble in 2014 when the CEO of Badoo, Andrey Andreev approached her for a partnership to make a dating app. Whitney Wolfe idea was to make women feel in control and empowered that is why Bumble is almost all about the women; top management also consists of women only.

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University and attained a Bachelor of Art. Before Bumble, Whitney Wolfe was the Vice President of Marketing and co-founder of Tinder. Her impact in both companies has been seen as they both have been ranked among the top. This year Whitney Wolfe has been in the top 30 under 30 by Forbes; she was also in top 30 under 30 important women in Tech in 2014 and was named as one of Elle’s women in Tech. Whitney has a great potential in business and she works hard to make sure she delivers the best.

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The man who had scaled down his political donations after giving an unrivaled $27 million towards efforts in beating President Bush in 2004, came back this past election year in full force. George Soros came back into the game as a leader in Democratic Party donations. With Election Day drawing close, Soros committed over $25 million to help boost Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Soros’ money didn’t just go to Clinton however. Parts of that $25 million were given to different Democratic causes and candidates, making George Soros a kind of “boogeyman” to Republican conservatives. Soros, who had accumulated a multi-billion dollar fortune from currency trading, also promised to donate even more money towards the Democratic Party.

Eighty-five year old Soros has had a relationship with Hillary Clinton with 25 years now. While some believe that Soros had taken a step back from politics in recent years, those close to him claim he is more engaged in politics than ever before on Both his faith in Clinton and his disdain for Trump is said to have fueled his recent political fire.

While George Soros has been an avid supporter and donor to Democratic causes, he believed this election year brought with it exceptionally high stakes. Stakes were high not only because of Trump but also because of the tensions that have been brewing between different sides on issues that George Soros is very passionate about, including criminal justice reform, immigration reform, and religious tolerance.

Some of George Soros’ contributions in 2016 include $7 million to a Hillary-supportive super PAC, $2 million to the Trump-targeting super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, and $700,000 to various other committees in the Democratic Party. He also gave $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a super PAC that is committed to increasing voter turnout amongst Hispanic citizens on Forbes.

In October of 2016, as Election Day grew closer, George Soros began funding an effort to mobilize Puerto Rican voters in Florida. This is a much sought-after voting area, packed to the brim with persuadable voters on Most of this effort would be done by a political committee named United for Progress. George Soros donated an astounding $200,000 to the cause.

When Clinton didn’t take home the win on Election Day, many thought they would see George Soros retreat back into hiding. Not hiding in the shadows, Soros met with Hillary Clinton and many other liberals in Washington for a closed meeting. This meeting was meant to redirect any big-money left within the Democratic Party to fight back against newly-elected President Trump.

This special closed meeting conference was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club and included the appearance of leaders like Nancy Pelosi (House Democratic leader), Keith Ellison (Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman), and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Some of the talk was geared towards 2017 and 2018 elections and some were directed towards attempts to thwart Trump’s 100-day-plan. The members of the Democratic Alliance are required to donate a minimum of $200,000 per year to different Democratic groups and pay $30,000 in annual dues to fund the Democratic Alliance and its employees.

Developing a company in the healthcare industry to rank among the best is not one of the easiest tasks to accomplish. Many of the professionals who have tried to accomplish this role and succeeded are people whose experience running businesses spans over one decade. There are many challenges that one has to work around that make it difficult for companies to progress, especially if the company is not established enough. Rick Shinto is one of the individuals whose support for the healthcare industry led to the development of a new system that caters for the needs of all users.

Working with InnovaCare Health as their CEO allowed him to apply his ideas to help the struggling company to get back to its course. For many years, Rick Shinto has been working on offering solutions to the healthcare industry and his research led to the development of new structures that have today enabled the government to put in place better measures to control the healthcare industry. Today, InnovaCare Health ranks as one of the most preferred providers of managed healthcare services across Puerto Rico and their support have also attracted people who want to enjoy high quality managed healthcare services.

Rick Shinto

As the CEO and President of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto has managed to offer great ideas that helped the company to grow from a low level to a position where it would rank among the best in the country. His experience working with other agencies and companies in the healthcare industry was one of the motivators that allowed him to proceed seamlessly in the course of dealing with the many challenges the company was facing when he took over in 2012.

He helped rebuild the service delivery system by including a new way of serving clients and managing products offered. Before he was appointed to head InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto was the President and CEO of Aveta Inc., between 2008 and 2012. He also worked with MedPartners and NAMM California in his career of more than 30 years.

Penelope Kokkinides

The administrative office of InnovaCare Health is taken care of by Penelope Kokkinides, who also joined the company in 2012. She previously worked alongside Rick Shinto at Aveta as his deputy. At InnovaCare Health, she brought new ideas that saw the company re-design the service delivery system to include new and better ways of serving clients across different levels.

Customer service in the technology industry usually doesn’t carry a positive reputation. Consumers typically try to avoid making a call to customer support, for fear that they will be treated rudely, or experience long wait times. While this may be true for some, Securus Technologies has proven that great customer service is not only attainable, but should be required.

Not only has Securus been named as a finalist for The Stevie Awards “Best Customer Service” award, but also, Securus received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. In conjunction with this accreditation, Securus Technologies earned the rating of A+, the BBB’s highest rating possible.

Receiving accreditation was voluntary and Securus had to work in conjunction with the BBB to meet the required standards. The standards required by the BBB include trust, transparency, integrity, honesty and many more. Impressively, Securus has proven themselves exceptional in these areas through their positive customer service satisfaction and their dedicated team members.

Not only does Securus pride themselves on their exceptional customer service, but also maintains that their technology is superior to that of their competitors. Recently, Securus has challenged competitor, Global Tel Link, to a “technology bake-off” in which their technology will be compared by an independent judge. This “bake-off” was a playful suggestion in response to claims made by GTL, challenging the innovation of Securus’ technology.

It is clear that Securus is pioneering the new standard for customer service in the technology industry. They continue to set the stage for the market, making it impossible for others in the industry to compete.

Todd Lubar is a businessman who deals with the mortgage industry. Todd is an ambitious man who puts extra effort every single day. He is a hardworking, talented, and ambitious businessman who is concerned about giving best services to the customers and satisfies their dreams of owning homes. Todd Lubar studied at the Sidwell Friends School situated in Washington DC. Later on, Todd joined The Peemas of holding Addie School in Hightstown, NJ where he acquired his high school education. In the year 1995, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in skills communication from the Syracuse University.

After school, in the year 1995, he got his first employment in Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he stayed for several years, and later joined the Legacy Financial group. When working in the Legacy Financial Group, Todd developed the corporation by assisting and emphasising on teamwork from other employees. Todd Lubar also contributed to the growth of the Maryland office which produced more than $100 million interest on loans each year. Todd Lubar is now the current head of the TDL Ventures.

In the year 2005, Todd Lubar became the Vice chief executive of Charter funding, a trademark of First Magnus Financial Corp. In a n article on, due to changes in the mortgage industry, Todd Lubar decided to go back to his roots and aimed at purchase money mortgage loan. It was because his first career was to make investments in mortgage banking. This individual also owns several organizations in the demolition industry, recycling industry, the nightclub industry, and real property industry, which has over time achieved success and have grown at an increasing rate. Todd Lubar companies grow every day as he is well informed about businesses, and also he has got better management techniques including planning and monitoring that enables him to achieve this much.Todd has also created many job opportunities for many people where they got their basic needs met and can coup up with the living standards.

Todd is a role model to many and clings to the belief that future holds better rewards for those who work today. He has mentored many other investors, and he can be referred to as the guru of real estate industry. To read more, visit

View Todd’s profile for additional info.


There is a stereotype that has been pushed for a very long time about women who do well in the looks department being unable to deliver when it comes to talent and career development. However, if the modern career woman is anything to go by, beauty and brains are the norm. One success story that is proving this to be true is that of Dr. Jennifer Walden. The plastic surgeon and mother has been named as one of Harper’s Bazaars top 24 surgeons in the country.

Jennifer knew for a very long time that she wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon. When she completed her medical school, she got an opportunity to train with some of the best surgeons in New York. The first practice that she set up was in Manhattan. Her practice was very successful to the point that she was awarded several times and the community in the area recognized and respected her. Then, she decided that it was time to fulfill her lifelong goal of becoming a mother. This made her reconsider several decisions, including the best environment to bring them up in. She realized that her children needed to be close to her extended family as this was the best environment to bring them up in.

This among other things is what prompted her move back to Texas. She set up her practice in Dallas and within no time, she had built a reputation for herself, owing to her good work. Most people that have had the chance to be treated by her state that she is a great cosmetic surgeon and that her leadership skills are commendable. She has also served on the board of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for many years now. It should be noted that very few women are able to get a position on this board, which makes her achievement no mean fete.

Jennifer Walden is a mother of two wonderful children. She is also a sister to very successful siblings. Unlike many situations where a woman in charge is stereotyped to come across as too tough, Jennifer is a great boss and those who work under her can testify to this. It is the combination of her great upbringing and her charismatic personality that have led to her current success.


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Most people instinctively think that they are good deal makers. And this may hold true in many areas of their lives. However, buying a new car is one time that people of every walk of life find themselves at a major disadvantage. This is because most people, no matter how successful, just don’t buy that many new cars very often. The car dealer, on the other hand, negotiates the sale of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles each year. One of the major ways that a car dealer makes money is by arranging the auto financing for his customers. This keeps the car dealer’s finance department busy because the vast majority of people can’t afford to pay cash for a new vehicle.


Since most people can’t afford to pay cash for their new car, they look for the easiest way to get their new car financed. This is where a car dealer steps in and offers his quick and easy auto financing solution. The car dealer is well aware of the time consuming process that his customers have to endure when they attempt to arrange a car loan for themselves through their traditional lending institutions. People simply get tired out by all of the knit-picking details that their banks want before they will give them a loan for a car. The questions from their banks are never ending. How many miles are on the vehicle? Does it have a Carfax report? Oh, and why do you want to purchase the vehicle?


With all of the obstacles that many traditional lenders place in the way of a simple car loan, it’s obvious why so many people go for the quick and easy dealer financing. A car dealer only deals with lenders that specialize in providing financing for automobiles. The advantage is that the car dealer can always get you fast financing. But, the disadvantage is that the car dealer’s financing is usually very expensive. The reason that a car dealer’s financing is expensive is that he makes money on every loan that he arranges by adding extra interest points on the loan for profit. And the car dealer’s customers pay the price for his profits each and every month when they pay their unnecessarily high monthly car payments.


If you are in this situation, don’t worry. You can easily lower your monthly car payments by calling Ignition Financial to refinance your car loan. The experts at Ignition Financial are used to hearing people asking,”How can I slash my payments.” Call Ignition financial and refinance your car loan at a much lower rate so that you can start saving money this month.




Establishing and maintaining a growing business requires efforts and commitment. In Austin town of Texas, Ascendant Capital LLC is growing rapidly, thanks to the efforts of the founder, Jeffry Schneider. A resident of Austin, Schneider has managed to curve his name into one of the performing businessmen in the town through his boutique.

Schneider founded Ascendant Capital in 2008 and has been in operation since then. The company offers alternative investment services as well as a range of education, marketing, sales and operational services all geared towards innovative financial structuring. With dedication, the company under Jeffry has sought to partner with a network of family offices, broker dealers, private banks and registered investment advisors.

The growth of Ascendant Capital as been quite encouraging considering that since its establishment, the company has now over thirty employees up from the initial two employees in juts their 6 years of operation. By working as an alternative investment coupled with transparency and quality service delivery, the company has managed to attract a large clientele network. Additionally, the company has raised around $1 billion from different managers. Under the leadership and management of Jeffry Schneider (the CEO), the company has established networks with more than 250 investment advisors and countless family offices through its attractive business packages. The company has plans of growing even further with this year’s target being raising as much as $50 million on monthly basis.

Besides performing impressively in the business, Jeffry Schneider has an assortment of other adventurous activities he undertakes personally, not only for enjoyment but to better himself. He believes in eating healthy and keeping fit, and this plays a vital role in his activities. Schneider holds a bachelors of Science degree from university of Massachusetts in Amherst. Before founding Ascendant Capital, he worked at Axiom Capital management and Paradigm Global advisors. He also spent time at Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney.

Jeffry enjoys a healthy adventurous life. He cherishes eating healthy and staying fit and this has motivated him to participate in a number of marathons, iron man and half ironman’s. Additionally, he has travelled expansively throughout the world touring Europe, South America, and Asia. Besides adventure, Jeffry has participated in active charity sponsoring and helping many less fortunate people in the society and works closely with charitable organizations among them Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation and Cherokee Home for children.

In a nutshell, blending business and adventure is fully demonstrated by Jeffry Schneider. His education and experience in financial management has made Ascendant capital LLC to grow and attain its current status and with a promising future ahead. Additionally, with continued participation in keeping fit and healthy living initiatives, coupled with Charity work, Jeffry Schneider is a true example of a successful free living person.


The former ownership group of Hawks, the NBA club, has filed a case against New Hampshire Insurance Company for alleged breach of contract relating to the claims made by Danny Ferry, former general manager. The AHBE former owners included Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner. However, the lawsuit does not implicate the current Hawks owners led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler, the principal owner.

The suit filed in the Superior Court of the Fulton County on September 13 2016, against the insurers also known as AIG, is a civil litigation for breach of contract together with insurance bad faith. AHBE alleges that they were insured for certain losses relating to employment practices including but not limited to, some acts of wrongful termination and workplace torts. According to the court documents, AHBE presented a notice to AIG on 2nd April 2015 it believed that some claims asserted by Ferry were covered.

According to the suit: Despite a requirement to pay and the evidence that some Ferry’s claims triggered the AIG Insurance Policy and the fact that these claims squarely fell within the policy cover, AIG failed and declined to pay the loss without adequate justification and was in bad faith. AIG wielded no reasonable argument to contend that there was no insurance claim made and that the claim was not covered. The suit is also claiming an additional 50 % penalty of the unpaid loss as well as attorney’s fees and other costs.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American business mogul, former NBA club owner. Bruce Levenson is also a renowned philanthropist. He was the co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC which owns and manages the Atlanta Hawks NBA team together with the Philips Arena. Mr. Levenson was also the Hawks’ Governor in the NBA Board of Governors from 2004. He co-founded the United Communications Group,, in 1977. Levenson was also a founding member and is one of the Board of Directors for TechTarget, a publicly traded IT industry media firm.