Growing Your Assets is Only Half the Way to a Successful Future

While most of us focus on growing our assets for a happier here and now it really should boil down to our position in life not only for us but our family and legacy. You wouldn’t trust your life or lives of family members to someone you hadn’t thoroughly vetted, so why would you do […]

New York Attorney General to Investigate Primary Election

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is opening a probe into alleged improprieties that occurred during the New York primary election on April 19, according to an article published in RT. His office received over 1,000 complaints from people who had problems voting. Allegedly over 125,000 were unlawfully dropped from voter registration rolls. 60,000 […]

Search Engines are Very Important for Reputation

Nowadays, people have made the Internet the primary source of information. The days of reading newspapers and looking to the television for knowledge about certain companies and businessmen have pretty much left. The Internet has made it so that the information that one seeks is much more accessible. Also, it is very easy for someone […]

Get Trendy and Classy with JustFab

Fashion is a sensitive subject that is approached by different groups of people differently. Each and every individual wants to look stylish and incredibly appealing. From time immemorial, fashion has been taking shape as people grow in culture, occupation, profession and celebrity status. People, therefore, need information and current fashion trends including shoes, dresses, jewelry, […]

The Bible Tennessee’s Official State Book.

Friday Tennessee State Governor Bill Haslam rejected, a bill that would make the Bible the state’s official book. Governor Haslam reiterated the bill violates the Constitutional Establishment Clause and is also in violation of The Tennessee Constitution Article 1, Section 3 which uphold no preference shall be given by law to any religious group or […]

Legal Reforms That Are Expected To Largely Influence The 2016 Presidential Elections.

Over the years, numerous legal minds in the United States have been talking about the limitations of the American legal system. This system has been accused of being outdated and discriminatory. Most citizens of this country have also shared their disappointment with the way legal proceedings are handled. This legal system is termed as outdated […]

Wen By Chaz: Is All The Buzz True? A 7 Day Experience

There are several infomercials running throughout the day and night. Many of these infomercials do not really seem to sell something that does what it claims. But some products do exactly what they promise, like the Wen hair care kit ( In fact, Bustle published an article that detailed one person’s experience with those products. […]

Anthony Marsala Of Madison Street Capital Wins The Emerging Leaders Award

Anthony won the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Anthony Marsala is the current chief operating officer of Madison Street Capital. The judging panel consisted of distinguished business leaders from a pool of successful leaders in the market. Marsala’s accomplishments and expertise saw him nominated for the award. On his acceptance speech, Marsala reiterated the support […]