Todd Lubar is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and also serves as the Senior Vice President of another corporation, Legendary Investments. Initially from Washington D.C., Todd Lubar attended Sidwell Friends School until 1987, where he then attended the Peddie High School in Hightstown, New Jersey. Then, he attended the prestigious Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in speech communications.


Moreover, he held various executive positions in companies such as Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group. In the latter company, Todd Lubar helped secure a 100 million dollar loan volume. Additionally, he was the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding, an organization dedicated to the needs of people. With experience amongst the best companies in the industry, Todd Lubar is certainly in a position to lead corporations into success.


Now living in Potomac, Maryland, Lubar lives a happy entrepreneurial life. More recently, he was interviewed by Release Facts as one of the candid interviews for the company website.


Todd Lubar mentions that at a young age, he always loved being entrepreneurial. While kids his age were playing in the park, Lubar was on the side of the street selling lemonade during the summer and hot chocolate during the winter. Lubar describes that these early initiatives made him goal-oriented, leading him to help others and inspire action.


These early experiences taught Lubar a characteristic that few possess, hard-work and excellence never fails. Following this, Lubar has always appreciated giving service to customers. In fact, he believes it has motivated him to create more success for his company. Check out Medium to know more.


According to Patch, Todd Lubar’s biggest strength is his communication with employees, friends, families, and related teammates. Lubar affirms that his communication directly affects the results of a company. He tries to generally ensure that every one of his employees is given a voice and know that they are allowed to use it. Trust in business is as important as roads to cars. As such, Todd Lubar employs tremendous trust in his employees.


Todd Lubar’s biggest motivation is fear. With fear, he constantly seeks to make his situations better. Lubar states that it has pushed him to greater success than any other indicator.


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