The backbone to the success of any establishment in any industry whatsoever is its leadership. Great ideas lead to the establishment of remarkable institutions but great leadership leads to the success of the said institution. Such is the case of one managed healthcare service Provider Company that goes by the name InnovaCare. You can visit


About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is a leading company in North America in its field. The company operates under two primary walks, that is, the Provider Networks and the Medicare Advantage avenues both in the care industry. Through the creation of sustainable, integrated and cost friendly healthcare models, InnovaCare aims at providing quality healthcare to its clients. The company is deeply rooted in the values of; the clients being the first priority, innovation, growth, quality, and teamwork as well as team building. It was founded by one Daniel Straus and employs more than 5000 employees in its three headquarter regions.


The Backbone of Innovacare


Behind the company’s success first is the company Chief Executive Officer and Rick Shinto. Shinto joined InnovaCare in 2012. Shinto is an experienced leader who was the former CEO of Aveta, PMC Medicare Choice as well as the MMM Healthcare Inc. apart from his leadership and operational experience, Rick also has two decades of know-how in the clinical industry. He has previously been affiliated with NAMM California, the Illinois North American Management team, and the Medical Pathways Management Institution. Shinto was

Rick Shinto has a medical degree from the Stony Brook campus of the New York State University, an MBA from the Redlands University and B.S from the California University. Rick Shinto was recently named one of the top 25 minority executives in healthcare by Modern HealthCare.

The other crucial part of InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope joined the company as a Chief Operating Officer in 2015. This is a role she previously held in Aveta. She is a former Vice President of the clinical operations in Aveta among other major positions in numerous companies in managed healthcare. Kokkinides bioscience and classical languages degree from the Binghamton University and a Masters in social work from the University of New York. You can visit


InnovaCare has also recently announced the additions of Jonathan Meyers as the Chief Actuary Officer and Mile Sortino as the Chief Accounting Officer. Speaking or recent news, the company has also recently joined the HHS Initiative that aims at bringing reforms in payment models.


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