This young man is the product manager of The Meriwether Company. He has also worked as an Analyst of Business Strategy for the same company. Initially before he was appointed for the post, Sawyer Howitt was a worker in the department of Customer Service at KURE Juice Bar.

Apart from playing racquetball, Sawyer is also passionate about inspiring young people, photography, customer service, financial service and brand managing. Currently, Sawyer Howitt plays racquetball for Portland’s Racquet Club.

Sawyer Howitt and his Racquetball Career

Most young people only think about partying and having fun. Not Sawyer Howitt, the young entrepreneur who is a young racquetball player. Sawyer Howitt started his racquetball career while he was in high school. He has managed to grow it through high school to college where he is a senior. This entrepreneur has also managed to play with several teammates, and he has also been ranked since he has managed to win multiple matches.

The promising young man is among the best racquetball players in the United States.His love for racquetball has led Sawyer to start a word press blog where he chronicles the game’s experiences. The Meriwether company employee considers himself a lower A or upper B racquetball player. The young man dedicates approximately four hours a week to the game, and he uses a Gearbox GB-125 racquet which weighs 170 grams.

Sawyer Howitt’s racquetball blog is a very informative avenue for racquetball enthusiasts. In the blog, he talks about various game strategies. It also speaks of the rules of playing the game, equipment for the game and he also provides informative insights on important past matches.





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