Andrew Rolfe has a great passion towards giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate in the society. He recently campaigned and took part in the raising of cash to aid children in Africa with various problems that hinder them from living healthy lives. The fundraising that was held at Ubuntu Education Fund Charity has seen the firm accomplish its goal of the targeted six hundred million dollars. More money was raised by the well-wishers and Rolfe is profoundly pleased by their move. The amount raised will aid in the catering for the education of children in the region while the rest will be used to improve the treatment facilities for children in the area.

The Ubuntu Education Fund has contributed to successful lives and living of most children in Africa and was founded in 1999 by a small group of well-wishers. Over the past years, the organization served a relatively smaller number of individuals as compared to now. The firm aims at providing children with excellent facilities and good living standards besides addressing their health, education and personal issues.

The fundraising held in London attracted a large number of prestigious individuals in the country who were willing to give their donations whole heartedly. One of the unfortunate children from Africa was featured in the fundraising and touched many people with her story of her drunken father. The chief executive officer of Ubuntu Education Fund also gave his speech and his very pleased with the people’s generosity. Through the organization, they have also profoundly contributed to the reduction of the number of individuals who contract HIV every year in the country.

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund, and with his great heart of giving, he has ensured that the unfortunate children in the foundation get all their requirements and live better lives. Rolfe has excellent leadership skills gained from his previous ventures into the field of business. Through his experience, he has helped the firm run efficiently despite their little problems.

Besides, Andrew believes that communication is one of the primary key factors in the organization and insists that the well-wishers of the firm should not give many restrictions concerning the allocation of the cash to the children. He insists that they should have a conversation with the team of management to address their issues and understand the importance of independently giving the funds to the disadvantaged children.


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