Although many PR companies have added online reputation reviews or brand repair services to their services, it’s a relatively new branch of business, dating back only 20 years.

However, it’s now an important area for all businesses because consumers have become increasingly dependent on online reviews to guide their decisions about what companies to buy from. This is true of both consumers and businesses shopping around for services. According to this article in Rent to Own HQ, 86% of people are reluctant to buy from a company with bad reviews. Therefore, knowing how to react to bad reviews is now an essential online marketing skill.

Therefore, the article describes the five steps a business can take to manage its online reputation.

Assess Their Current Reputation

What is your current online reputation? Enter your company name into all the search engines. What sites come up in the first page of listings? If any of them contain negative news about your company, products or services, you’ve got a problem. What are people saying about you on Facebook and Twitter? Do any blog posts talk about your business? If you have products on Amazon or other ecommerce sites where people leave reviews, what do those reviews say?

What Do You Need to Change?

Are there news stories that keep coming up, but which you’d prefer potential customers or clients didn’t see? What about particular reviews or mentions in social media?

Decide What Would Work Best for You

The main platforms to think about are social media, forums, blogs and the online press. More and better content in your company’s blog could be added to Google’s index, pushing negative articles to page two of the search results, where almost nobody looks.

Create a Strategy for Your Company

Once you’ve identified the platforms, decide how to raise your reputation on each. More and better content from your own site can take up the first page of search engines results. So can press releases. Encourage your happy, satisfied customers to leave good reviews. If you get their permission, put their testimonials on your website. This is more effective if you include their full names and pictures. It’s even better if they’ll send you a video review. Claim local listings in directories of local businesses.

Start Building

Carry out your strategy on an ongoing basis.


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