As technological advances take shape, people are likely to leave other things behind. One aspect that is frequently forgotten by most people is the importance of culture. It is a fact that most of the millennials have no sense of identity due to the rapid globalization and read full article.

Such a factor is likely to spawn a culture-less society full of moral decadence. To curtail this problem, various people of goodwill have put themselves at the forefront to stop this trend right before it progresses further. Among these great personalities is the managing director of Hager Pacific Properties Mr. Adam Milstein, who also helped to establish the Israel-American Council (IAC).

The later was created with the sole purpose of binding the ties among Jews inhabiting the US, and at the same time educating them so that they know about their homeland. Adam Milstein’s efforts have borne fruits making IAC be recognized as one of the most successful Jewish organization in the United States and what Adam Milstein knows.

Mr. Adam Milstein hails from Israel, a city known as Haifa. He was and born in 1952, and he has continued to extend significant love to other people in the society. He moved to the United States and settled in California in 1981. Adam Milstein and Gila are happily married, and they have two daughters. Apart from being the brains behind IAC, he is also significantly involved in real estate management, an activity that he began as a mere agent when he first moved to the US. Through continuous effort, he slowly acquired the right skills and Adam on Facebook.

Mr. Adam Milstein is a fervent advocator of the Jewish culture, and he has been involved in certain practices such as getting rid of anti-Semitism on colleges across America. In 2001, he helped to establish Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation that advocates for youths of Jewish origin to learn about their culture and know more about their background. Also, he is a well-known philanthropist focused on creating a better society.

Mr. Adam Milstein says that so far his greatest achievement has been to impart the Jewish people with the right values so that they can become proud of their culture while at the same time appreciate living in America and

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