Alexandre Gama has a venture in the music industry in addition to his advertising work with Neogama, which is his own advertising company that he created back in 1999. His music business is called VIOLAB and was launched in 2014. The VIOLAB music venture features a professional recording studio to record albums and songs and a professionally designed and managed YouTube channel to promote the artists that sign with VIOLAB. It also has its own radio program and even its own record label. VIOLAB specifically focuses on music artists who play the acoustic guitar and instrumental music.

The very same year he launched his music recording business, Alexandre Gama was invited to create an exposition of his advertising work at Brazil’s Art Museum. It was the first such art exhibit that had the theme of advertising as its focus. Alexandre Gama’s advertising exhibition at the Brazilian Art Museum was shown for a total of two months and was even highlighted in the Sao Paulo cultural events calendar.

Mr. Gama also became a shareholder and foreign investor in a high end car manufacturer in 2014. He is now an investor and shareholder in the Briggs Automotive Company that has its headquarters in Liverpool, England.

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