Mark Mckenna went to Tulane Medical School to earn his degree. While he was in school, he knew that he will never make enough money only as a doctor. It was a tough way. After graduating with medicine in 1999, he didn’t stick with medicine but built a business dealing with real estate located in New Orleans. In 2005, the Hurricane Katrina Struck where he lost a lot of millions overnight. He rebuilt it again but at later days, he dissolved his company, relocated his company to Atlanta where he opened sharpened. These were offices which were offering cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, botox injections, and weight and nutritional counseling.


The hurricane gave him a great loss and New Orleans left like a war zone. The government gave a lot of subsidies. He had the chance to design, build and then flip the properties. Some investors could lease the properties but considered as low-income housing.


When Dr. Mark Mckenna later in 2015 sold his business to publicly. He was in an interview and he talked why he preferred business instead of medicine. When he was asked whether he wanted to go business direction instead of treating the patients, Dr. Mark Mckenna said that even though physicians make more money and drive nice cars, he used to look at his father how he changed when paying bills and reimbursement was affecting his career. That was why Dr. Mark Mckenna started buying real estates when he was still in medical school.


When he was a student he could even afford to buy reals estate. This was possible because he could moonlight at prisons where he could do some physicals on prisoners and he was being paid $ 50 in an hour. He had to invest 100% of the money he earned.


He talked about his medical practice where he said that together with his father, he did general practice for a period of five years while he was still building his real estate company. He considered medicine as a rote and he had been attracted to engaging different parts of his brain.


Real estate was what made Dr. Mark Mckenna a successful man. His business was described to be worth $ 4 million to $ 5 million. He has been making $ 500,000 and more in a year.

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