George Soros Contributes To The Democratic Party Like Never Before

The man who had scaled down his political donations after giving an unrivaled $27 million towards efforts in beating President Bush in 2004, came back this past election year in full force. George Soros came back into the game as a leader in Democratic Party donations. With Election Day drawing close, Soros committed over $25 […]

An In-Depth Review Of Rick Shinto’s Contribution To Building InnovaCare Health

Developing a company in the healthcare industry to rank among the best is not one of the easiest tasks to accomplish. Many of the professionals who have tried to accomplish this role and succeeded are people whose experience running businesses spans over one decade. There are many challenges that one has to work around that […]

Securus Technologies – Setting The Stage For Customer Service In The Technologies Industry

Customer service in the technology industry usually doesn’t carry a positive reputation. Consumers typically try to avoid making a call to customer support, for fear that they will be treated rudely, or experience long wait times. While this may be true for some, Securus Technologies has proven that great customer service is not only attainable, […]

Women in entrepreneurship; Jennifer Walden’s success at work and home

There is a stereotype that has been pushed for a very long time about women who do well in the looks department being unable to deliver when it comes to talent and career development. However, if the modern career woman is anything to go by, beauty and brains are the norm. One success story that […]

Refinancing With Ignition Financial Will Get You Out of A Bad Situation Fast

Most people instinctively think that they are good deal makers. And this may hold true in many areas of their lives. However, buying a new car is one time that people of every walk of life find themselves at a major disadvantage. This is because most people, no matter how successful, just don’t buy that […]

Jeffry Schneider: Blending Business and Adventure

Establishing and maintaining a growing business requires efforts and commitment. In Austin town of Texas, Ascendant Capital LLC is growing rapidly, thanks to the efforts of the founder, Jeffry Schneider. A resident of Austin, Schneider has managed to curve his name into one of the performing businessmen in the town through his boutique. Schneider founded […]

Former Hawks Ownership has Sued New Hampshire Insurance Company

The former ownership group of Hawks, the NBA club, has filed a case against New Hampshire Insurance Company for alleged breach of contract relating to the claims made by Danny Ferry, former general manager. The AHBE former owners included Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner. However, the lawsuit does not implicate the current Hawks owners led […]

How The OSI Group Is Diversifying Market And Offering Better Value

The food industry has developed for many years to attain stability and become one of the most reliable platforms for a business. Many companies in this industry have thrived on the huge demand for products that is created by the fact that people have to eat to live healthy lives. There is ever demand for […]