Sharp and QNet Release New Product in India

As a direct selling company, QNet knows it has to work with partners. The main partners are those entrepreneurs who sell QNet products and services. QNet now has a new and surprising partner. The Japanese technology company Sharp is working with QNet to release a new air purifier. The product is appropriately named Sharp-QNET Plasma […]

How to Effectively Utilize Wikipedia

Wikipedia Editors Call Out The Site’s Abuse Problems The bureaucratic nature of Wikipedia has been highlighted by a number of its editors. In an article on Tech.Mic, one of the volunteer editors faced harassment from Wikipedia after submitting an article. Apparently the editor got into a disagreement with one of the Wikipedia administrators with the […]

White Shark Media Discusses A Few Compaints

White Shark Media has worked very hard to establish itself as a top new company in the industry of AdWords management. The company opened offices in Miami, FL not too long ago. A significant number of clients have logged their approval over the AdWords management performed by the staff. Clients have noted the team-up with […]

Talk Fusion: Leading the Way in Marketing

It is important to stay ahead of the curve. This is especially the case with dedicated businesses looking to stand out. The company known as Talk Fusion is dedicated to doing just that. Talk Fusion is a reputable company that had some recent developments, promising even better services. Since 2007, Talk Fusion has been devoted […]

Shaygan Kheradpir Switches Positions With The Former CEO Of Coriant, Pat DiPietro

Shaygan has been appointed as the CEO of a company he previously worked for, Coriant. Kheradpir’s appointment is deemed strategic given his success as the company’s strategic planner and operator. While working as an operating partner at the Marlin Equity Partners, Shaygan maintained a close working relationship with the senior management of the corporation. The […]

The man behind the success of Solo Capital

Operating in the United Kingdom, Solo Capital is a global firm that specializes in investments, proprietary trading and consulting. Having its headquarters located in London, England, the company can pull in major funds from all over the United Kingdom. The company proves to be quite successful having achieved a net worth of 15.45 million euros, […]

Handy: Jumping Ahead of the Competition For Your Cleaning Needs

In today’s world of technology and everyone’s expectation of getting what they need fast. Handy has leaped ahead of the competition in this category. Starting out as a cleaning service that can address you cleaning needs with an easy to use app and fair prices similar to that of the Uber services they have soared […]

The Creative Leader Behind Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is now everything James Dondero and Mark Okada envisioned back in 1993 when they joined forces to form the firm. The SEC-registered investment advisor has helped governments, foundations, corporations and financial institutions when it comes to investment advice. The firm has grown to become a global leader, with an approximated $18 billion […]