Trabuco Bradesco and The Need for Continuity in The Corporate Structure of the Bank

Leaders stay relevant after their service when they still try their best to offer their expertise for other leaders who are still in the middle of their career. But only those leaders who had shown excellent performance while active in their service have the authority to offer such expertise. Only leaders like The Trabuco Bradesco […]

Jeremy Goldstein Leads Other Board Members To Host A Dinner Party As Fountain House Marks 74th Anniversary

May 22, 2018, was an enjoyable day for all members of the Fountain House in New York. For over 74 years, the Fountain House has proved to be a haven away from home to hundreds even thousands of members most of whom are mentally ill. The Fountain House was bought and renovated for a noble […]

Bruno Fagali

Naturally, not very many people would want to practice law. Unlike in other careers, in law, one has to be highly disciplined and ready to serve the public without discrimination. However, that was different with Bruno Fagali. Bruno is an outstanding and competent lawyer with a rich legal background. With his young and brilliant mind, […]

Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Platform Creates Future Possibilities for Cryptocurrency

The problem with decentralized markets has always been fragmentation and fraud. Decentralized markets allow for wide-scale selling and trading across various regions with mixed currencies. The problem is that there is little to no regulation, so transactions are open to fraud. It also requires a plethora of companies to handle the exchange of currency amounts. […]

Rodrigo Terpins on leading the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team a team they founded with his brother Michel Terpins. This team was founded when his brother moved from Cross country to rallying. The two come from a family that highly values sports given their father, Jack Terpins played professional basketball in the late seventies […]

Louis Chenevert rides on technological innovations at UTC

With technology changing rapidly over the past few years, it has become a significant thing for companies to place attention in adapting to the latest technology. The business sector stands to gain or lose from technology innovations, and it is therefore in the interest of the business people to ensure that they have aligned their […]

Jeunesse’s AM and PM Essential Nutritional Supplements

Jeunesse AM and PM Essentials are nutritional supplements that have been designed to eradicate or diminish the characteristics of early aging. These dietary products have also been known to offer the body with mechanisms such that it can cure itself while at the same improving its overall health. The Food and Drug Agency has approved […]

Aloha Construction

Among the construction companies in the country, Aloha Construction is one of the most notorious of them. Their hard work and efforts have taken the family-owned company a long way from where they began. The companies dedication to helping others and improving the community has earned them even more than just the respect of their […]