One of the most profitable and prolific DJ groups are the Chainsmokers. Grammy award-winning members of the DJ duo consist of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Rhett Bixler was a former member. They create a mix of independent, hip-hop, pop and dance music, using musical instruments, software, and synthesizers. Sometimes, they play songs with a regular piano and drums in the background. Drew Taggart sings and Alex Paul plays the piano. The pair plan on more traditional singing in the future, in addition to continuing their synthesized music. They work very hard to achieve their goals and the work is paying off.


The Chainsmokers received many awards in their career, including gold records. Besides their Grammy, they won awards from the American Music Awards and iHeartRadio. iHeart awarded them awards for Best Collaboration, Dance Artist of the Year, and Dance Album of the year, according to CelebMix. Billboard named them number one for dance music in 2018. The Chainsmokers placed third on Forbes list of highest paid DJs.


The music keeps evolving, with recent collaborations with artists like Daya, Phoebe Ryan, Bebe Rexha, Emily Warren, Drew Love, Halsey, and Coldplay, as well as several other prominent singers. Another honor for the two young men is that they have some of the most downloaded videos on YouTube. They have hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and the Chainsmokers’ video with Coldplay, called “Something Just Like This” reached 1.1 billion views. “The Closer” video, a huge hit, downloaded 2 billion times and “Don’t Let Me Down” got a billion views too. Their latest soundtrack is “Somebody.”


Disruptor, Columbia, and Sony distributed the Chainsmokers’ music. Their website is the, where fans can connect with the pair on Facebook and Twitter. They keep in close contact with their millions of fans on social media. They play in many music festivals and plan on producing one themselves. This summer, the Chainsmokers will embark on a world tour in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. They have several stops in Las Vegas too. Adam Alpert is their business manager and brought the two of them together.

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