The most important beauty treatment that we put our hair through is shampooing and conditioning with a quality product. We cleanse our scalp, remove product residue, and the result is healthy, clean hair. To keep it manageable and shiny, we condition it with a product that adds enriching oils that shampooing removes. The problem is that with time, we find our hair drying out and losing its luster. It also leads to damaged, weak hair that can break easily. The answer is co-washing, or using Wen conditioning cleanser on our hair.

Co-washing products have no sulfates or drying ingredients, and your hair doesn’t lather up like regular shampoos. Color-treated hair tends to dissipate when shampooed and lose it’s vibrancy. Co-washing rehydrates hair with the moisture that lathering strips away. Quality cleansing conditioners, such as those in the Wen hair product line, contain lubricating ingredients, such as coconut oil, naeem oil, aloe, olive, almond oil and silk protein to name a few. The product is left on the hair for about 5-10 minutes after combing it through your hair. With this procedure, you are strengthening your hair and preventing breakage and split ends.

Co-washing can be a part of your healthy hair regimen, in that you can use shampoo and a separate conditioner as usual, and co-wash once a month. Some consumers find their hair’s condition profoundly improved, and may choose to throw out their shampoos and only buy a cleansing conditioner exclusively, which is perfectly safe. The price difference between the two types of products is nil, and ranges from very inexpensive brands all the way to top-of-the-line brands like Wen Hair.

If you are considering co-washing out for yourself, it is recommended that you use Wen cleansing conditioner for a full month to get true results. If you love the results, make it part of your routine and enjoy the benefits!

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