When it comes to multilevel marketing, Bernardo Chua are among the respected businessmen who are said to be in their own league. His business achievements in the Pacific region and globally have received a lot of accolades. He is currently the chief executive officer of Organo Gold, a global gourmet coffee company.

Organo Gold focuses on daily products including coffee and tea with the goal of introducing the world to the great benefits of Ganoderma Lucidium, an ancient Chinese mushroom that is highly regarded for its antioxidant qualities/features. Bernardo established the global corporation in 2008. With his diverse knowledge in network marketing, Bernardo has managed to take the Organo brand worldwide. The Organo Gold products are currently available in 13 countries (USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Dominican Republic, Austria, Philippines, Peru, the Netherlands, Greece, Scotland, Mexico, and Jamaica), and still continues to expand to other countries.

The company is reputed for using one of the most cost effective network distribution systems to deliver its products, enabling it to share every dollar among its global membership. This has further enabled it to form unique, exclusive, and unprecedented collaborations with high end corporations including the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

During his career, Bernardo Chua has been recognized with myriad awards. Most notably, the National Consumers Quality Awards and the 22nd Annual People’s Choice jointly presented Chua with Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014. The National Shoppers Choice also recognized Organo Gold as the top selling organization in the food supplements category. Additionally, Chua’s company has been honored on 5 different occasions with the prestigious “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award.

With the company well established, Chua continues to focus his efforts on refining his business empire as much as possible. He continues to collaborate with some of the best Ganoderma products manufacturers globally, which provides him with a great opportunity to provide quality products without steep price points. Bernardo also funds various research works that are related to Ganoderma, allowing his company to have a leg up on any potential competition that may arise when new breakthroughs or uses of the versatile herb are discovered.  Follow Bernardo on social media, including his Facebook, and Twitter profiles.