Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy has been sorely underappreciated by the both the American public and lawmakers. According to this article we are incredibly ignorant about the good Betsy DeVos’ generous philanthropic efforts have been.

Betsy DeVos herself is a poster child for how private Christian schools and colleges can produce professionals equal or better than the traditional public school students. DeVos attended Holland Christian schools and later attended Calvin College where she received a Bachelor of Arts. She has served on the board of several different companies such as The Windquest Group and Neurocore. The most interesting aspect of Betsy DeVos is her storied history as a generous philanthropist.

From this article I learned that Betsy DeVos is a champion of choice and a steward of financial responsibility. DeVos has made major financial contributions to Christian private schools allowing families in areas with crumbling public school systems to have options for education. Receiving a Christian education has become increasingly difficult in today’s society, but residents of Grand Rapids have plenty of options when it comes to educating their children. Furthermore, public school systems in these areas have not only failed to provide effective education, but also have become financial vacuums where millions of tax dollars are wasted without seeing any improvement. DeVos herself has even worked to improve public schools by sending Christian representatives to teach good moral values.

Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy doesn’t end at developing moral education either, her efforts have vastly improved the standard of living in Grand Rapids. Because of her and her family, Grand Rapids has developed a strong beer industry which has directly led to the creation of thousands of houses and many high quality restaurants. Universities in the area (supported by DeVos obviously) have seen major increases in enrollment and the economic future for the city are bright. If you like beer, work or live near Grand Rapids, or have attended a Christian college then you likely have felt the benefits of Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy.

There has been a lot of misinformation surrounding Betsy DeVos’ accomplishments and philanthropy. I for one, am glad that I at least found an article that gave me a better understanding of how she has helped America and how she is a stellar role model to women everywhere. Folllow Betsy on Twitter.

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