What type of money do you think about when you think about doing business directly with McDonald’s? The burger chain is a behemoth to say the least. The one impressive piece of business to have with McDonald’s has to do with meat services.

The hamburger franchise sends out million of pounds of meat through its doors and finds that meat from groups like the OSI Group. This organization is a meat processing manufacturer who passes all regulatory requirements and offer the highest standards in meat processing today.

The agency started in 1909 and stands as the largest company in the food processing market.

Food Processing And Mass Production

The mass production of food takes into account the international platform.

The OSI Group takes that international access into account also. The international markets can expand a business’ revenue substantially. The same Happy Meal burger that Americans eat are being made in most powerful nations also.

This only gives us a small clarification on how big the international markets are.

That size has to span the entire planet and nothing less. This world expectation is what the OSI Group lives up to everyday. The level of work makes the actual magnitude of the agency a world-wide power. If this same platform was had solely in the United States, the end result would be an illegal monopoly.

Other Substantial Clients And Why

The OSI Group isn’t just known for its work with McDonald’s. The agency also provides meat to Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s and many other substantial brands in the food market. The big names listed all operate with a large need for meat products. These restaurants process orders rapidly and at high quantities.

The constant needs implied behind this demand create a picture where we find moving parts and deliveries going out non-stop.

The magnitude of one big fast food name would make any person hundreds of millions in no time. When we put together the reality that the OSI Group has multiple fast food partnerships, the image expands, and we see a giant in the world of food processing, manufacturing and distributions.

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