In the recent past, the US has experienced a real estate market crisis. But at the moment, the crisis is rapidly shifting towards New Jersey, causing a rebound of housing in the area that is seen as a densely populated area in the entire US. Zillow is a real estate tracking giant and reports in a recent publication on Philly Purge, that State Theatre New Jersey has the highest shares and rates of housing mortgages that are in foreclosure and disparagingly delinquent. This has in turn seen the real estate market in this state significantly trailing the US.

Lawrence Yun, the National Association of Realtor’s chief economist, believes that the housing shortage is set to intensify and would turn to be a housing emergency of the gap between the housing supplies and demands continue to widen. Falling housing, and housing permits will continue worsening since there is a shortage of homes for auction and sale and a rapid pace in which newly built homes are sold. This means that as the inventory bottleneck unblocks, there will be thousands of new properties hitting the market, all in an effort of selling faster than the rest, the condition in New Jersey will get worse. For more details visit Crunchbase to know more.

Some selected towns in New Jersey, however, seem to have a high demand for housing despite the great housing recession. House prices in most of these cities are at an all-time high lately. The high demand or housing can be attributed to easy accessibility of transportation, as most of these towns are near the NJ Transit station. The Capital Economists further predicts of a change in the real estate’s markets, and there will be lower house prices and high-interest rate expectation. As a result, more new homes will come into the market. Further, there will be plenty of jobs, a high demand for homes. Currently, there is a steady rise in prices for homes and rent. Mortgage, on the other hand, is at the moment weak and more available to many therefore eases the boom of housing among New Jersey resident and prospective homeowners.

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