Bridget Scarr who is the executive producer of Colibri Studio is a writer and a producer who develops high-quality content extending across all platforms. She graduated in 2004 from Rhodes University with a BA Drama -cum Laude, drama, English, Psychology, journalism, politics and music.



Bridget began her career in Primary films as the TV producer in 2006 to 2007 and then moved on to Bite Animation which is South Africa, still as the TV producer. While at Bite she was responsible for the production of High end animated and motion graphics for use in advertising, broadcast, and retail production for various clients.




Bridget then moved to Zero point studios in 2010 and was the Co-founder, Financial producer and head of the production of the company. The company whose offices are in South Africa is the creator and designer of unique children tv series. Zero point partners with local production companies to create and develop 2D and 3D animations to completion. Bridget primary role was to ensure the creation of high-quality content and produce cutting-edge products. Scarr also was a partner and the managing director of Pollen creative Media a company a company specializing in advertising and creating digital and broadcast solutions. Through her leadership, her primary role was to ensure that the company came up with high-quality products to position the company above the rest.



Bridget Scarr then moved to Colibri studios as the executive producer. Colibri studio develops content and collaborates with broadcasters and production partners to create highly engaging stories. The company does an in-depth research on the stories, coupled with strategy and technology they produce eye-catching adverts and stories that keep the consumer engaged.


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Bridget has carved her place in the industry, and her projects included television content, digital content, virtual reality, interactive exhibition and augmented reality which her large audience can resonate with and enjoy. Colibri began when Bridget changed her career from a director to a producer, and according to the latest interview, she gives insights on how her day to day life looks like and she says her day begins with meditation. She also provides insight on how she brings various ideas to life by incorporating technology and stories from people who have witnessed the events. Bridget ensures she is creative by nurturing her creativity and advises for one to succeed you need to get rid of fear.

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