Bruno Fagali is a lawyer and an expert in corporate integrity popularly recognized for his determination to clean the scandals behind the Brazilian public contracts. Fagali has been the force behind integrity and transparency campaign drive. The Brazilian lawyer has brought new dawn and different dimensions to legal systems in the country. Fagali started practising law since 2006 and had thrived since he has in-depth knowledge of the administrative law. Fagali has therefore acquired incredible experience and a fantastic reputation in the country. He is currently serving at Nova/BS as the corporate integrity manager since December 2015. Fagali also founded his law agency firm named Fagali Law Firm.

The renowned lawyer studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he attained his degree in bachelors of law. Later on, he specialized in administrative law in the same institution. Mr. Fagali would later join the University of Sao Paulo, for his masters in state law. Fagali, therefore, equipped himself before venturing into the fields of justice to pursue his passion. Fagali started his agency with the idea of representing people and ethically defending their interests in a modern way. Hence the law firm is equipped with a team that has specialized in various laws of the country ranging from election law, public law, to anti-corruption law among others.

The Fagali law firm also educates members of the public on various public laws that they have to adhere to. Due to his integrity and leadership, the agency gets a significant number of contracts from various departments and individuals. The firm also uses the online platform to pass information to the public. Recently the firm posted an article on their website touching on advertising alcohol beverages. The article elaborates on the precedents and injunctions that one can be subjected to if some rules are broken during advertising of alcoholic beverages.

The rules of advertising apply to all the advertisement made either through media, vehicle or any other platform. If any rule is not met and an individual reports to Conar (National Council for self-regulatory advertising) the ad might be suspended even before the case is heard. The Conar jurisprudence summary is a commitment that manifests a peaceful understanding of the collegiate set for in the law code. The approval of the summary is therefore attributed to the plenary of the ethics council, and it’s enlightenment to the public, industry players, and associates.

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