Naturally, not very many people would want to practice law. Unlike in other careers, in law, one has to be highly disciplined and ready to serve the public without discrimination. However, that was different with Bruno Fagali. Bruno is an outstanding and competent lawyer with a rich legal background. With his young and brilliant mind, he has made incredible improvements to the Brazilian law.

Work Experience

There are different disciplines in law. Interestingly, Bruno has managed to work in almost all the areas. Some of the law disciplines he is conversant with include; administrative law, state law, parliamentary law, electoral law, ethics, compliance, and many more others. For that reason, his firm serves a good number of clients across Brazil. He represents corporate executives, companies, professionals, and many more others in need of advocacy services.

Bruno Fagali currently holds two job positions. He serves as the corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB. He joined the law firm way back in 2015. He also practices independently in his law firm, the Fagali Advocacy. Indeed, it is clear that his experience did not just come overnight. He has worked for it for more than 11 years in different disciplines under law.

Fagali Advocacy

This is a private advocacy firm based in Sao Paulo in Brazil. It was established by Bruno back in July, 2016. The firm is among the top list of the most performing corporations in Brazil. Its performance is attributed to the commitment, dedication, and efforts employed by its staff. The firm specializes in anti-corruption law, parliamentary law, public law, compliance, and electoral law. Lastly, the corporation is known for its extraordinary monitoring, training, consultancy, and defense services in all areas requiring law.

Educational Background

The able legal expert, Bruno, is a graduate of two notable universities. In 2009, Bruno received a bachelor’s degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University. He later continued with his education in the same university, but this time he specialized in administrative law. In 2012, Fagali proceeded to the University of Sao Paulo where he earned his MA in State Law.

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