Passion is the key to doing great things. This is definitely the case with regards to the co-founder of the company known as JustFab. Adam Goldenberg is known for a long list of entrepreneurship related accomplishments. This started at a young age and traveled with him later in his life.

With a bit of help and the utilization of his unique ability to develop leading brands, spot trends, and develop businesses destined for growth, Adam Goldenberg was able to create JustFab. Just five years after founding, then selling his first company, Adam was able to become COO of Intermix. This made him the youngest Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company. This is where he met JustFab’s co-founder, Don Ressler. Coming from remarkable beginnings, Goldenberg continues to make great strides.

Founded in March 2010, JustFab has estimated to have a total capitalization of two hundred and fifty million dollars. Formerly known as JustFabulous, JustFab is a clothing and accessories retailer that operates as an online subscription service. As a parent company, JustFab Inc. is composed of several brands of such services on Due to its model as a subscription service, customers are more likely to stay loyal as opposed to other retail outlets. Adam Goldenberg considers his customers to be an essential part of his company’s success. In recent news, JustFab has extended its reach internationally.

Currently, Adam Goldenberg is focusing on his role as a venture partner with Crosscut Ventures. This project is still in its infancy but the focus is on developing and expanding the technological community specifically in Southern California. Adam believes that his mindset of helping up and coming entrepreneurs is the best way for everyone involved to stay relevant and promote growth. See:

With this in mind, it is apparent that Adam Goldenberg was able to make the best out of his life situation. He had such great success at an early age, it is no wonder that he grew to be somewhat of a unicorn in the entrepreneur world. His success generates great inspiration to others, as he continues to help them along the way.

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