Securus prevents crime with adoption of battlefield technology

Throughout the history of warfare, one of the great benefits that have accrued to nations that have engaged in battle has been the technological dividend from warfare. This was especially true in the United States throughout the period of World War I and World War II, when massive amounts of innovation led to America becoming […]

Securus Technologies and Facility Customers on Preventing Crime

Securus Technologies is a company dedicated to giving law enforcement and correctional facilities the tools necessary to communicate with partners and carry our their jobs in policing inmate populations, investigating crimes, and providing public safety. With such a big task laid out before them, it’s not always clear just how well they’re doing by these […]

Confronting Escaped Fugitives Using the Securus Technologies System

When an inmate escapes from a jail, law enforcement has a very short amount of time to put together a perimeter and tighten the noose before they get further away. If we can not get this fugitive back in jail within 48 hours, chances are pretty good they could be miles or states away. This […]

Securus Provides TV Show-quality Gotcha Moments With New Tech

All of the television shows get police life wrong. They run all of these police shows highlighting how exciting criminal justice is. Cops are always chasing criminals down the streets, always pulling their guns on suspects and always enjoying the “gotcha moment”. There is always that gotcha moment turning point where the police officer gathers […]

Securus Technologies – Setting The Stage For Customer Service In The Technologies Industry

Customer service in the technology industry usually doesn’t carry a positive reputation. Consumers typically try to avoid making a call to customer support, for fear that they will be treated rudely, or experience long wait times. While this may be true for some, Securus Technologies has proven that great customer service is not only attainable, […]

Securus Technologies meets Dangers Head On

Securus Technologies is a reliable and well known information technology firm that offers excellent support options to its customer base. These individuals are incarcerated men and women currently serving time within the United States penal system. By providing these people with communication solutions, as well as security systems for personal use, they open the minds […]