JHSF is a construction company that specializes in the development of complex structures such as malls, hotels, residential and commercial buildings. The company is based in Brazil and it has major projects that are already accomplished and others that are ongoing. Among its known complexes that are already done includes the ParqueCidadeJardim mall famed as one of the biggest project ever. JHSF commands a major percentage in the country’s real estate market owing to its capability to deliver quality properties. As the Brazilian market blossoms with the growing economy, the company anticipates better business in the near future. JHSF has been keen on the recurrent income assets where major investors are eying to make good returns.

The success of the JHSF Company is attributed to CEO José AuriemoNeto who has been very vibrant in the management and oversight of its operations. Neto has been running the company for years now and under his reign so much has been accomplished. He is a seasoned graduate of the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado University and his achievements in the real estate business are impressive. He joined in the early 90s and he was working under his father who was the company’s president at the time. Neto is a great entrepreneur who whose risk taking tendencies have materialized in unfathomably successful ways.

Under his father’s leadership, Neto influenced the company’s decision to take on one of the greatest projects in the history of JHSF. The development of the ParqueCidadeJardim was seen as a great risk and a huge budgeted venture. However, Neto was optimistic in the opportunities that this project would create. Today, he is credit for the success of the project that has seen the company’s profile rise up to become one of the greatest development companies in the region. It was the success of this particular project that set the precedent for the company’s completed and ongoing bigger projects. José AuriemoNeto is a great leader and he has captured the imaginations of many in the real estate market with his great ambitions. He also runs an affiliate company on the side that manages JHSF’s parking lots.


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