Sheldon Lavin is a top CEO in the world running one of the biggest food companies. OSI Group is a century-old food company started by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. From a humble beginning, he has risen to be a top CEO in an industry that is highly competitive. OSI group started as a butcher shop and grew under different phases to become a leading company in the world; it is currently worth over $6 billion. OSI Group is currently doing very well and rolling out a major expansion program that will see the company products move to all parts of the world. Currently, the company has over 65 facilities globally and a presence in 17 countries. Its food products are not just sold in these countries but in many others through subsidiaries.

Sheldon Lavin has steered the company by prioritizing g food safety, sustainability and green practices. In recent years, the company expansion program has been on high gear. The company has partnered with numerous other food companies in Asia and Europe to facilitate the expansion of the food production business.

Sheldon Lavin has applied business acquisition techniques to expand the company’s operations both locally and internationally. OSI Group recently acquired Dutch food company– Baho Foods. Baho has been a top company supplying food products in Netherlands and Germany. It has also been operating in 14 other countries in Europe through subsidiaries. Another acquisition was Flagship Europe, which was recently named “Creative Foods.” The latest measures taken by Sheldon Lavin are meant to tap into the huge European market with the partnership.

OSI group have also expanded their local production capacity. In Illinois, they have acquired the former Tyson Foods food production plant at the cost of $7.4 million. The plant gives OSI Group the capacity to produce more and fulfill the needs of the ever-growing food market in the United States. The plant has abundant storage and room for further expansion.

About Sheldon Lavin

Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975 and brought in a drive for success in the company. He was formerly working in the banking sector as an executive. He was behind the early growth in OSI Group in the 1970s. He first joined as a third partner where he managed the company alongside the two sons of Otto Kolschowsky. Since he joined, he has implemented numerous green innovation to boost growth in the company at a low cost.

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