Educators come from all walks of life. There is a unique desire that burns within someone who is passionate about sharing knowledge with others. Information is appreciated when it comes from someone who has a unique value.

So the facilitator of a message must have a level of credibility that allows them to command an audience. Alexei Beltyukov has found great joy in sharing his experiences with those who may benefit from the insight. Inspiring people sets a precedent for growth and learning.

Alexei Beltyukov began his professional career in the medical industry. He earned an MBA at INSEAD and decided to switch over into the business sector. Alexei was successful in launching several different business enterprises. His entrepreneurial touch made tremendous impact on the business scene in the Russian community. He is currently Advisor to the President at the Skolkovo Foundation.

Alexei Beltyukov was recently appointed to Chief Operations Officer at Solvy. Solvy he is a new software designed to improve student math skills. The program brings many different innovations to the field of education.

It is able to identify where an individual person is struggling and devise a study program for a successful turnaround. Teachers are able to review these notes and interact with their students using the information provided.

Students are also able to access the program at anytime. Supervision from an instructor is not required. This provides them with a setting that is comfortable and non-intimidating.

Solvy helps teachers create quizzes that are tailored to the needs of the students they are working with. This process personalizes the interaction between teacher and student. Educators are able to customize learning techniques and help students advance to higher levels of mathematics. Solvy is designed to work with other software programs in order to help students obtain a diverse learning experience.

American High School students traditionally underperform in math. Many of them are unable to make the connection between the subject matter and how it pertains to real life. Beltyukov believes in the importance of showing students how companies and high-level executives use math to solve problems and evaluate business strategy.

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