When an inmate escapes from a jail, law enforcement has a very short amount of time to put together a perimeter and tighten the noose before they get further away. If we can not get this fugitive back in jail within 48 hours, chances are pretty good they could be miles or states away. This is when we have to switch our search process and begin to utilize resources we have to catch the suspect before they simply disappear into the crowd.


The first thing we do is monitor family and friends for anything suspicious that could lead us to the suspect. We will monitor their driving activities and even follow a family member if we think that they are trying to help with the person on the run. If the suspect has any ties to gangs, then we have a real problem because these gang members will go to great lengths to protect their own, especially if it is a high-ranking member.


Our leads had all dried up, so I decided to go back to the jail and see if we could make use of the inmate call system to find any inmates still in contact with the fugitive or helping him stay on the run. The jail had Securus Technologies install an modern inmate call system last year, and it was supposed to be able to do things the old system could never have been able to handle.


We discovered quickly that one inmate was in fact speaking with family who were helping the suspect to lay low until the heat died down. The LBS software was able to identify a conversation and alert us to a location that proved to be the break we needed in the case. The suspect was eventually captured in part to the covert alert feature on the new Securus Technologies inmate call system.


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