In 2013, the construction of Copa Star Hospital started in Southern Rio. It took three years to have the hospital completed, and in October 2016 it was inaugurated. The hospital was designed with the aim of releasing the residents from the pressure of having to travel from Rio to Sao Paulo in search of treatment. The investment lies in 21 thousand square meters of land and has seven floors all of which are fully incorporated with technological innovation and refinement.

Unique Design for a Hospital

The investment, which consumed over R $400 million, is designed like a five-star hotel. Rede D’Or Sao Luiz commonly implements this unique architectural design for their buildings. The hospital reconciles qualified medical and hotel accommodation staff with modern technology to ensure maximum comfort during the recovery process. Additionally, the hospital employs state of the art technology to offer the most sophisticated medical services to their patients. Every inpatient is provided with an iPad which they can use to communicate with their doctors or request the attention of the nurses.

State of the Art Medical Equipment

The Copa Star also harmonizes modern technology in medical equipment such as hybrid rooms, smart surgical rooms, and neurosurgeon rooms integrated with magnetic resonance equipment, telemedicine, and robotic medicine. The bed features are fully automated. The interns having the ability to change the room lighting, close and open curtains depending on their doctor’s instructions. In addition to the sophisticated equipment, the hospital additionally employs qualified staff, among them FIFA professionals.

The Star Cup is not only designed to employ technology but also with the aim of ensuring the patients receive world class medical services. This was achieved by first taking the multidisciplinary team through training. This training was aimed at helping the professionals improve their skills in assisting the patients as well as operating on the thoroughly technologized hospital equipment.

Health Services for All

One can easily confuse the hospital to be exclusively for the financially well up considering the technology incorporated in the investment. The truth, however, is that the hospital is open to all and accepts medical insurance from different companies that have premium flags. Additionally, the hospital accepts any form of payment mode from the patients.

Prior inauguration, the hospital held talks with several medical insurance covers to ensure they have a proper working plan with them. This was done with the aim of assisting patients from different walks of life have an opportunity to receive medical services from the hospital.

A few meters from the Star Cup hospital is Shopping Antiquarious. Before the hospital was inaugurated, the D’Or network acquired the third floor of the building. The floor was renovated and is used as the support area of the hospital whereby billing, maintenance, clinical engineering, and clothing among other extra services are carried out.

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