David McDonald was born and brought up in Iowa. McDonald ventured in his career immediately after his graduation when he attained a degree in Animal Science. He started working as the Project Manager of OSI Group while he was still a chairman of the North American Meat Institute. David McDonald managed to work his rank up to a point when he became the president of OSI. OSI Group has made incredible achievements in the industrial food sector. OSI is a prominent worldwide food provider that struggles to the best products and services to its dearly esteemed customers.

David McDonald has been serving in this company for over 30 years. He is the key participant in the growth and expansion of this company. McDonald is always concerned with retaining and maintaining a logistic and committed team that can sustain the constant and consistent developing international market. He does this because of the global nature of OSI Group. OSI Group has no option rather than to work in collaboration with the local markets to ensure that the customers’ are maximally satisfied without any hitches.

OSI Group recently purchased Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a company in Dutch that concentrates on deli meat in conjunction with the processing of various other foods. This acquisition has been very beneficial to the OSI Group. They have been well known across the European region. During the era of David McDonald, OSI Group has been able to launch ten Chinese facilities that deal with poultry. The ten facilities are known for their service to various prominent chain restaurants. For a better understanding of his plans and business strategies, it’s advisable to have his first-hand information.

When he was asked to explain how he ventured into OSI Group and what inspired him into this business, David McDonald joined OSI Group right after his graduation from college. He also noted that he started from the bottom and worked his way up to his current position, President of OSI. His inspiration is based on his interest towards the subjects related to Biology and Agriculture. This is why he specialized in Animal Science when he joined college.

OSI Food Solutions have experienced incredible growth and development under the leadership and management of David McDonald. He has exploited his skills for the sake of this company. It is among the highly food processing industry in the world. It offers best customer service and best quality products.

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