When it comes to creating a make up brand it stand out from the rest no one is better than Doe Deere. She has become a phenomenal CEO that has managed to build an organization that a lot of young adults love.

What has made her stand out is the fact that she has been able to elevate herself in an industry that often overlooks the smaller companies. See has managed to do this quite well with a very exciting cosmetics brand called Lime Crime.

In the cosmetics world there are often a lot of celebrities that are associated with the makeup that is advertised. It is not uncommon to see stars like Queen Latifah, Katy Perry and Halle Berry, promoting makeup. Models like Cindy Crawford have also made their way to print and television ads to promote various brands of cosmetics. In other words, make up becomes well-known because there are celebrities that are well-known that are promoting these products.

Doe Deere made the commitment to do something different by becoming someone that was rather mysterious. Instead of spending all of her advertising money hiring someone that really didn’t represent the brand, she made the decision to present a level of mysterious actions that would draw people to her.

It has been during this time that she has broke the rules in the industry, but it has worked well to her advantage to be a rule breaker. It appears that she has defined an era of makeup that is the alternative to the big name brands that are out there.

It definitely helps that his brand is not found in your local department store or pharmacy. This is a brand that is sold heavily online, and this is also where people will find all the advertisements for the brand. They won’t pick up a magazine while they’re standing in the grocery aisle and see any of the Lime Crime products inside. They will not turn on the television and see these products while they’re watching commercials that air in between their favorite shows.

This is not the way that she made a decision to promote Lime Crime. See crowded herself in mystery, but she also make sure that the brand would have more of a social media buzz.

She didn’t see the need to waste a lot of time trying to market to a mainstream audience when she was promoting a product that would only fit a niche market. Doe Deere was smart enough to know that it would be much easier for her to connect through free social media content like Facebook and Twitter. This is where she gets the chance to see direct feedback from the fans and connect with followers. She didn’t use any celebrities to do her dirty work of promoting the brand.

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