Upon climbing the Bothell Hill at the business park of Cascade, while walking into the central office of Seattle Genetics, there is a cluster of beige commercial buildings that barely scream their presence. However, the lobby has a different triangular sculpture. This sculpture might accord Seattle Genetics a big win given its physical appearance.

Background Data

For Seattle Genetics, human antibodies dictate the entire operation of the company. Since 1988, Seattle Genetics has majorly controlled a significant share market for developing conjugate antibody-drug conjugates. To achieve this, Seattle Genetics has built a strong business culture surrounding the values of scientific excellence, team leadership, project management, mutual respect, and integrity. Besides, the company has tremendously achieved an entrepreneurial spirit made to create breakthroughs and useful therapies for the treatment of cancer. For that reason and more, Seattle Genetics is considered a leader in the technology of antibody-drug conjugate.


Over and above, Seattle Genetics has used its research in internal medicine and technology to come up with one of the leading drug-conjugates called ADCETRIS. This drug has the potential to become the sole foundation of suppressing lymphomas. Also good at executing a broad spectrum of global development for earlier indications of cancer, Seattle Genetics has crafted the art of ensuring that ADCETRIS is being evaluated for its treatment capabilities.

More on Seattle Genetics

In the words of the cheer leader of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall, the company is on a mission to become one of the leading companies in emerging global, oncology companies. He also insists that through the pipeline of drugs, the management is set to beat other emerging biotech firms. Well, for Siegall, it is more of a fight to push Seattle Genetics into becoming a biotech firm that will typically focus on the significant drug development projects with the primary focus being handling complexities throughout the international markets.

Describing Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a significant pacesetter in the world of technology and the development of antibody drug conjugates. He is the founder as well as the chief executive officer of the famous Seattle Genetics. So far, he has helped the company to form entrepreneurial partnerships made to strengthen Seattle Genetics by making sure that the organization allows patients to receive the right treatment and therapy for cancer.

The Overview

Conclusively, Clay Siegall is a graduate of the George Washington University. He studied Zoology. Additionally, he attended the Maryland University.

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