Dr. Imran Haque practices Internal Medicine from his offices in Asheboro and Ramseur. He earned his degree in the field from the University of Virginia where he had an enrollment into the Roanoke Salem program. He is a licensed practitioner in North Carolina where he provides services to residents of Asheboro, Ramseur, and adjacent regions. Some of his services include physical examinations, management of diabetes, Venus body contour services, hair removal by laser, weight management programs, and 360 resurfacing. As a result of his expertise in internal medicine, Dr. Imran offers more than the listed services. He runs parallel diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds and lab exams during sessions to detect any body ailments. In the case of a complicated illness, Imran refers the patient to expert physicians. Otherwise, he treats the patient from his office. Numerous patients have enlisted Dr. Haque as their primary doctor due to his impressionable skills and personalized care.


Through Dr. Imran’s services at Horizon Internal Medicine, numerous patients have received satisfactory results from sessions. Sharon E. commented on the practice’s public Facebook profile about her reviews of the services rendered and revealed that the staff is as highly skilled as Imran Haque. She added to say that she appreciated his care and detailed reports that answered all her queries regarding weight management. During a weight management appointment session, Dr. Imran Haque exhausts all the possible solutions open to each client and customizes the best way forward. He takes the patient’s vitals, medical report, and family medical history before settling on the most suitable program. Afterward, Imran respectfully and carefully converses with the patient about the possible medical, lifestyle and non-invasive treatments available. Linda D. is another satisfied client who attributes her current health and happiness to Dr. Imran Haque.


Dr. Imran has previously worked with Kindred Hospital located in Asheboro and Randolph hospital. He has almost two decades of experience in internal medicine and has earned a name as one of the best practitioners in the region. His practice Horizon Internal Medicine allows submission of more than 22 different insurances. In 2013, Imran received recognition in Stage 1 EHR and continued to garner positive reviews from his patients.



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