Steamworks Brewery of Vancouver owner Eli Gershkovitch has crafted an extraordinary Pilsner beer. Demand in Canada for this beer is huge. Why?


Every country has a favorite drink. Russia has vodka, Japan has sake, and Canada has a beer. Beer is more than a favorite in Canada, it is a staple. However, starting in 1995, traditional favorite beer sales flat-lined, making it appear that the love-affair with beer was over for Canadians. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Traditional beer sales stagnate while, according to Eli Gershkovitch, craft beer sales have “risen sharply.” The interest and demand for craft beer have grown so much that Niagara College now offers a brewmaster program (


The Rise of Craft Breweries has resulted in a vast array of flavors and blends. From Vancouver to Halifax, Canadians are trying their hands at brewing and creating extraordinary beers. Some of the favorites nationwide include:


  • Imperial IPA
  • Paddockwood 606
  • Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
  • Little Scrapper IPA
  • Velvet Fog
  • Steamworks Pilsner


On this latter entry, it must be noted that numerous Craft Breweries in Canada and worldwide offer a “Pilsner” beer. What makes Steamworks Pilsner unique is that owner Eli Gershkovitch returned to the roots of the brew found in the Czech city Pilsen and crafted a beer worthy of the name (ReporterExpert).


The resulting Pilsner has allowed Eli Gershkovitch to garner two annual awards for Best Beer in British Columbia. It has also resulted in amazing sales of the Steamworks Pilsner. Little wonder, the beer provides a complex blend of spicy hops and floral notes. It is a rich, crispy malt lager that satisfies completely.


In 1995, Eli Gershkovitch had already taken ownership of the brewpub in historic Gastown when they discovered a remnant which would shape the nature of beer in Canada forever. The building contained an old steam heating system. Steam brewing was rare, but not unheard of. Forging ahead, the steam brew system proved to be a just the right touch for creating the perfect Pilsner beer and more.


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