EOS Lip Balm is the #1 most well respected brand in the world of lip balms. This market is definitely oversaturated, but it did not stop this brand from succeeding and creating great products and providing clientele with great results. EOS Lip Balm was a completely unknown brand that eventually was seen on stores shelves of Walmart and Target, everywhere basically, both online and throughout other traditional forms of advertising. They did not do as much traditional marketing as much as online advertising, mainly because they know that their target audiences are those who are on the web. Women between 25-35 are out there online and watching YouTube videos.

The one single tactic that helps EOS Lip Balm get their brand to the next level is to simply utilize the power of influential marketing. They know that bloggers and YouTubers online are filled with followers who so desperately love watching the people they follow. They simply utilize this smile trick and marketed to all the right people and got the right training done. It all happened through the power of having them talk about EOS and giving their genuine review on it. They made videos and even articles about what they thought of this product. It definitely changed their perspective on what the product can do and how a few changes to how you market something can drastically increase buzz around the product.

EOS Lip Balm eventually got launched and was seen as the most reliable type of lip balm on the market. With their organic ingredients and genuine approach, they were able to tackle on so many different aspects of the industry and help provide women what they needed in order to further improve their lips and oral health. Just a few marketing strategies and the right angle is all they needed to get their product seen by millions online.

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