When it comes to the active wear and lounge wear industry, Fabletics is one brand name that has managed to set itself apart from the rest. The company was founded in 2013 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in collaboration with Kate Hudson. Today, the brand also has singer Demi Lovato on board leading the charge with the activewear lines that the company puts out. Even though the company has been offering their clothing only for the past four years, they have grown beyond what anyone could have ever imagined.


The reason why Fabletics has managed to distinguish itself from others in the competition owing to the fact that the brand has made the best use of the resources that it has at its disposal. The company wanted to keep their customers coming back for more, which is why they started a membership system for all those who wanted to buy their clothing. When a customer logs onto Fabletics for the very first time, they are asked a bunch of questions so that the brand can figure out what clothing options to show them. After these questions, customers can then sign up as a member and choose a membership plan that the brand has. They are then entitled to receive sets of active wear, depending on how many sets they have taken the plan for.


Shopping online has become one of the most sought after ways to get clothing delivered to one’s doorstep. Online shopping is easy, effective and with the system that Fabletics has in place, it is also extremely convenient. Even though online shopping is easy, people tend to not spend time on it owing to the fact that they have to browse through multiple options before they find something that would suit them and their needs. With Fabletics customers get a much easier access to the clothing that they would like to buy, thus improving the turnover rate for the company incredibly.


Fabletics has always been one for implementing out of the box marketing strategies when it comes to selling their products. When it was time for the brand to set up physical stores, they went down the path less traveled. The brand set up their stores across the country but was less like a store and more like a trial room. When a customer comes into the Fabletics store, they can look at the options that they have seen online, or browse through the collections that they have. They can thereon, try these options and see if they like it or not. After that, they can buy the clothes in the comfort of their own homes whenever they like. The brand has been able to get a lot more customers this way owing to the prejudice associated with online shopping. People often do not feel comfortable buying things online because they aren’t sure what kind of material the products use and how the outfit would look on them. By doing this, they are ensuring their customers that they are getting products that are genuine and high in quality.

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