The Roots


As a business management college student looking to pay for his studies, Justin Brown utilized his talents to earn 16 times more than the minimum wage. The endeavor that helped him achieve this was modeling. However, it did not take long for Brown to realize that his true interest lies in everything that goes in the background of the process of this industry.


Brown was born in Nevada but spent many years in California where he learned the basics of modeling. He worked for multiple companies which helped him get a better perspective of the market and how it works. Now, however, the modeling agency he will be the president of works with 450 people that are all handled by 7 full-time staff members. This agency has recently been purchased by Wilhemina Austin that has renamed from its original title “Heyman Talent-South”.


 Recent Endeavors

One of the main specialties of the Brown Agency is to supply people with models. Most of the demand comes from Dallas and Houston which are noticeably different in their needs. For example, Austin is a place that hosts a younger crowd so the agency supplies models who might be less conservative. This includes different colored-hairs, piercings, and more. On the other hand, places that are larger and more conservative attract models that seem average in their appearance experiments. Check out



Some skills that Brown brings to the table could be the main reason for the undoubted success of the company. Afer spending time in the East and the West coast, Brown became knowledgeable about everything that goes on from the moment a picture of the model is taken all the way to the complicated contracts. As far as the actual services that people tend to reach out to the company for, they are decently disbursed over numerous categories. The largest percentage of models, over 20, works in basic modeling jobs. Others tend to get gigs in non-union commercial video or short films while there is also a small percentage of people who work in the union jobs.


 New Models

As Brown Agency has to keep over 400 models available to cover all of the demand for the 20-30% of the market it covers, potential candidates are always a high commodity. This is why the process of applying is very straightforward and the company even does it online. Furthermore, considering that there are some companies outside of Texas who do business with Brown Agency, candidates can even test their skills in various fields. Ultimately, all one has to do to get more acquainted with the business is to research the rich social media of the company or look into the reviews!


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