Alternative investments are one of the fastest growing niches in the finance world. Gareth Henry has been part of this growing market. The University of Edinburgh graduate has been an essential actor in different firms mostly in the position of raising capital. He is a recipient of many recognition s and awards. The most iconic one was in seven years ago when Gareth was among the top thirty rising talents in the hedge fund world.

Apart from working in the USA market, Gareth has been instrumental in establishing investment footprints in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The actuarial mathematics guru is too good with numbers, and this has made him work in some of the best companies in the alternative investments markets. He is, however, more popular in the investment world due to his work in Fortress Investment after shortly working in the European market.

Some of the factors Gareth Henry attributes to his successful career in investment are his understanding of markets and risks management. Alternative investments and hedge funds have high expectations. The high expectations have made him determined in all the positions throughout his career.

Understanding the investor vision is also important according to him. Gareth Henry is synonymous with his client-centered approaches in all his investment decisions. He is always in direct communications with his clients, and this has made him over the years the ultimate choice for most investors. To retain clients, Gareth believes in feedback, both from the clients and his peers.

As one of the most innovative investors, Gareth Henry is fascinated by different progresses in the investment world. The bitcoin, for example, is a good disruption according to him. According to his observation, many big investors have given bitcoins a trial. This development according to him is a good sign that there are better alternatives to investments coming up.

Another development in the investment world that has caught his eye is the changing nature of the investment business. Unlike in the past, investors, (both big and relatively small) are moving to direct dealings as opposed to using a third party. The change according to him will not only transform the trading environment but also help the investors in making rational decisions as far as investments are concerned.

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