As an attorney, it is part of Geoffrey Cone’s job to be able to help people plan on the move that they are going to make to a different country. He works as a global attorney so that he can help people out with the different aspects of moving.


It is not uncommon for Geoffrey Cone to see people who want to move to New Zealand. This is a popular destination because of everything that the country has to offer and people think that they will be able to get more out of living in the country. He knows that they will get the most out of it if they are not expecting anything out of the taxes. Even though people think that they will save money on taxes in New Zealand, they won’t be able to because the country does not have reduced taxes that they offer to their citizens.


On the other hand, the country does offer tax transparency. This means that the people who live in New Zealand and who want to move to New Zealand are able to see the different amounts that they will pay in taxes. Each year, the country publishes the tax list and it includes information on what people can expect to pay. It is a great option for people who would like to know if it will make a difference to move there. For most, the difference in taxes is negligible at best because of the structure in New Zealand.


People who have their hopes up for New Zealand don’t have to get disappointed right away. There are still some countries that promote tax-free living and people who live in these countries are able to get the benefits that they want from them. They are able to save a lot of money on taxes and they don’t have to worry about different aspects that come with living in a country like New Zealand. The tax free countries can be found on a list that is published on a yearly basis so that people can enjoy the different aspects of it.


Geoffrey Cone not only tells his clients to move to these countries but he also has done it himself. He wants people to know that it can be done and that he has done it himself. He has been really successful with it. He moved from New Zealand to Uruguay, a tax haven. He does not think that living in Uruguay is best for everyone but it is something that he feels great about. He has been able to thrive while he has been living in the country and has been able to save a lot of money in that time.


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