George Soros loves to lead a private life but his resources and his liberal persuasion bind him to frequent publicity. Already, he is popularly acknowledged for many legendary deeds among them;

  • Being the founder and primary donor of the world’s largest philanthropic organization, the Open Society Foundations,
  • Making a one-billion-dollars profit in one day by investing in the dollar against the British Pound,
  • Severely criticizing the Bush Administration and donating more money than any other individual or entity to the Democratic Party,
  • Organizing the Ferguson Protests and the Black Lives Matter to be peaceful and non-violent
  • And providing relief to the people of Sarajevo for the entire three-year-siege they fell under during the Bosnian War.

George Soros tries to be as philanthropic as he can. He has given over 12 billion dollars out to charitable causes over his lifetime. That much money he acquired and continues to amass through the high-risk investments that he makes in the stock markets. He founded the Open Society Foundations so he could play his liberal role of emancipation while staying away from the limelight of constant philanthropy. However, he does not allow the foundations to give political donations in the United States in his stead because they could lose credibility. He gives out political donations on his own.

Soros has been silently minding his businesses at the Soros Fund Management throughout Obama’s Administration. He did endorse and fund the first black president’s first successful presidential bid. He also funded and endorsed the second Obama presidential bid although he played a smaller role than he did in the first campaign. In the two campaigns, he was not as vocal as he was when he stood to oppose the reelection of former President George Bush. He was also more vocal and more supportive of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid than he was at the time Obama ran for the presidency. He is avidly opposed to President Trump’s Administration just as he was critical of the former Bush Presidency.

He claims that the two are similar in that they are oppressive to immigrants and that their terrorism rhetoric does more harm than good. President Trump was very vocal about ISIS and building a wall on the USA-Mexico border. He promised that the wall would be built at Mexico’s expense; notwithstanding that Mexico is a sovereign country and a dutiful neighbor. Soros and the majority of members of the Democratic Party oppose the oppressive tactics employed by the Republican Government to control immigration. He intends to fund as many civil rights groups that protest unlawful detentions and deportations as possible. He is himself an immigrant who was born in Hungary. Despite his immigrant status, he has been a darling to the economy of the United States.

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