Affordable dentistry can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with the assistance of a friendly and knowledgeable dental technician. Thousands of customers are focused on a perfected smile and looking their best at all times and prefer to see a dentist. Are you currently under a dental plan at work and have had problems with your teeth? The professionals at MB2 Dental are there with technologically advanced tools and expert care to correct or maintenance your smile at any stage. Dr. Villaneuva, MB2 lead dentist, suggests his patients get early dental care through a trained pediatric dentistry specialist.

What To Expect From An MB2 Dental Technician

They operate as a family dentistry and most insurance is accepted at each of their locations. Their spa dental provides a relaxed environment that has always catered to cowards of all ages. Their emergency services caters to you 24 hours a day with a friendly professional standing by to schedule an appointment. If you’re coming for a knocked out tooth, their professionals ask that you preserve the tooth by keeping it clean. Dr. Villaneuva suggests, putting the tooth in a cup of milk until you can immediately see a dentist.

Dental Services

– spa dental treatment

alternative therapy

– licensed& bonded techs

– specialist referrals

– teeth whitening

– jaw realignment

– oral cancer screenings

– pediatric assistance

– emergency services

– tooth extraction

– dental x-rays

– braces traditional/Invisalign

– dental counseling

– and much more…

An MB2 Dental professionals provides in-house financing for their patients who have a limited income. They believe every patient has a right to emergency dental care regardless of their resources. You can get the work you need today and pay over time.

Why not start off rewarding your smile early? You don’t have to be intimidated by traditional dentistry that dictates long recovery time, uncomfortable treatment, and huge dental bills with the MB2 professionals. Ironically, more people are driven my their looks are are opting to enhance or maintain the look of their smile with a dental professional. If this you or your child’s first time at the dentist, your invited to learn more about treatment at a spa dental, get acquainted with the dental equipment, and meet your dentist. Don’t sacrifice your smile by visiting the leaders in dentistry at MB2.

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