Glen Wakeman is an inspirational businessman. He has a significant amount of experience in finance and business. He is best known as a writer, lender, and worldwide business executive. Although, Glen Wakeman has accumulated much success he has not always had the things that he has now. Before entering the office, he worked cleaning bathrooms to pay for his college education. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. Wakeman completed his Masters of Business Administration at the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman has come to adjust quickly to the changes in the business world due to the amount of time he has spent living internationally ( Living in a culture other than his own forced him to become accustomed to things that he may have found uncomfortable within his own culture. Wherever Wakeman goes, he takes pleasure in learning from those more experienced than he is and teaching those that wish to be where he is in his career. He encourages the people that he mentors to be just as interested in their success as he is. Wakeman also shares his knowledge with others by blogging.

Glen Wakeman has founded LaunchPad Holdings. He wanted to know why most new business owners were prone to failure. He developed the ToolKit to help decrease the number of new business failures. The ToolKit aims to give business owners options to create a successful business. A lesson Wakeman teaches his mentees is to emerge themselves in every aspect of the business. He encourages them to be focused on the overall success of the business they are a part of rather than only caring about their job. Wakeman’s dedication to making sure business owners are successful makes him a top choice for his clients. He goes beyond how to succeed in business he prepares his client’s to excel in business.

Glen Wakeman is an incredible businessman. Considering everything that has been stated about Wakeman, anyone can see that he isn’t just a writer, lender, and successful worldwide business executive. Glen Wakeman is also an incredibly caring teacher (Crunchbase).


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