Today he owns a chain of hotels and resorts in Brazil and a tour company. He is recognized as an international entrepreneur because of his success. Guilherme Paulus has made a great name for himself in the present business world. However, he did not begin his career with all these opportunities. Paulus started out as an intern at IBM. He appreciated humble beginnings, and they elevated him to his present accomplishments.

Inspiration comes from many places and situations. For Paulus, the idea of investing in tourism was from former state deputy. He shared his interest in establishing a tourist agency. Since Paulus never had money to invest at that time, the state deputy became the investor. Meanwhile, Paulus contributed human resources and worked diligently.

After four years of gaining experience in entrepreneurship and partnership, Paulus was ready to exit honorably and start his independent businesses. Since then, the path has favored Paulus because of his contribution and smart work. Guilherme Paulus is always excited by technology and how we use it in daily life. Technology has played an essential role in his industry. It has enabled them to understand customer needs and markets.

Guilherme Paulus success does not get him to a comfort zone. He knows making accomplishments requires daily efforts. This makes him travel a lot and get close to the operations. Active involvement in his businesses continues to teach Paulus new things. Being the chairman of his company or chain of businesses did not change who Paulus is. He is still overseeing day to day operations. Interacting with employees and customers is essential to Paulus. He considers it among the most productive business habits he has.

Guilherme Paulus advises budding entrepreneurs that he did not get where he is by just dreaming. Making dreams a reality is what brings success and fulfillment. It is also important to love what you do since that is the only way you will give your best. Also, diversity is wise, and business people should not just focus on a single market. Opportunities are numerous out there are suitable for everyone.

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