Entrepreneurship is all about identifying a market gap and coming up with innovative ways to fill it. Guilherme Paulus understands this tact all too well. He is one of the most successful Brazilians and can be termed as the father of the Brazilian tourism industry. It is, however, important to note that his tour company CVC, currently one of the leading tour operators in all of Latin America didn’t just explode with success. Rather, the fetes it has can be credited to Guilherme’s relentlessness.

How it all began

Guilherme Paulus started off as a computer technician. He had landed a position with IBM soon after graduating with a degree in Business Administration. He was however always drawn to sales and soon left for a sales position with one of the country’s leading tour and travel services provider at the time. He would then rise to the position of a guide and it was during one of the overseas trips that one of his regular clients, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, challenged him to venture into entrepreneurship.

CVC Challenge

He challenged him to start a tour company and even offered to help with the seed capital. A partnership struck and they soon launched CVC Tour Company with Guilherme Paulus dealing with its day to day activities. What started in a small shop in the street of Sao Paulo has in the last few decades morphed into the biggest tourism company in Latin America.

Today CVC has over 400 tourist agency outlets spread out all over Brazil and has an average turnover of $250 million annually. His company has also ventured into the hospitality industry by establishing a chain of luxury hotels in Brazil’s major cities. These were established with the idea of serving the tourists that CVC brings into the country in mind.

Guilherme Paulus contributions to the CVC and the Brazilian tourism industry, in general, have not gone unnoticed. The entrepreneur has been awarded multiple times for this show of great leadership and the transformation of the tourism industry. His work has seen him gain recognition from different governments in Latin America such as Argentina, Mexico, France, Venezuela, and many others.

Learn more about Guilherme Paulus: https://www.mercadoeeventos.com.br/_destaque_/slideshow/guilherme-paulus-confirma-participacao-no-forum-conectividade-inscreva-se-gratis/

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