Mathew Fleeger, the current chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, has spent a significant part of his youth in the sites of oil situated in Louisiana and Texas. His father founded the Gulf Coast Western in 1970 which initially offered little upstream oil services. Mathew did not straight away went to the oil business but first of all began working as an entrepreneur and his career went highly successful as he founded and sold two big companies. After that, he returned to the business set up by his father. Since he has joined Gulf Coast Western, it has emerged as one of the high ranked oil companies of US.

Mathew Fleeger has the edge of years of experience which helped in the development and progress of the company. It explored a lot of productions sites and attracted many strategic partners. It used best technology and machines at the drill sites. The company has raised heavy capital, but the CEO says it is just a head start. Gulf Coast Western is looking forward to forming a venture with American oil exploration and production industry. His past experience has enabled him to go for giant deals now. He is expecting to trade between $55-$75 for WTI.

During the oil recession, Mathew Fleeger used his energy in exploring the ways to increase efficiency. He worked creatively and took risks. Above all, he considered options which he did not consider previously. He believes that optimism is one of the essentials and positive attitude always gives courage and confidence to face adversaries and challenges which are very common in the business world. Being the CEO, he always motivates his employees and makes sure they always work in a comfortable atmosphere. Mathew Fleeger is a down to earth businessman who prevents overreacting and arrogance and always supports upcoming entrepreneurs.

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