In today’s world of technology and everyone’s expectation of getting what they need fast. Handy has leaped ahead of the competition in this category. Starting out as a cleaning service that can address you cleaning needs with an easy to use app and fair prices similar to that of the Uber services they have soared past the competition. Handy, founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, currently provides cleaning services, handyman services and is even getting into the delivery and assembly of furniture business as well.

Customers who use Handy get the convenience of just putting their zip code and what they need cleaned into their phone app and they are provided with a price for what they need done without the hassle of having to find someone to clean, struggling with whether the person is trustworthy and having to pay cash. With Handy they can pay with their card on the app and no money is exchanged. They are guaranteed a great service with no worries. Handy screens their freelancers and pays them so everything is safer for the client and also better for the freelancers because they are insured they get the credit they need from the job rather than being paid “under the table.” Freelancers are able to work their schedule the way they want, accept the jobs they can do and it gives them the flexibility they need.

Due to their recent increase in interest and sales Handy has soared over the past months and is currently in 25 cities and growing to provide services in more cities across the country. In fact, in only 2 years after initially launched, it has reached more than 1 million bookings per week.

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  1. Overall they have cornered the market on these services and are growing city to city with leaps and bounds. There is no stopping this company from making it big, they are a force to be reckoned with. It could take everything they want from which is not that easy for them all to understand all that need to know from the get go.

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