There are many people who make an impact, but those who impact the whole globe are few and far between. Alexei Beltyukov is an entrepreneur that is having a major impact on the way students are learning, and he doesn’t take it lightly. SOLVY, a new endeavor that is funded and run by Beltyukov has created an educational software that is interactive. His biggest passion is making sure that children can learn without the intimidation factor.

Interactive learning is helping students progress in various ways, by not only challenging them but by showing them that it is possible to learn differently from someone else. Most schools teach only a few ways for students to learn something, while interactive software helps students learn creatively.

Students and educators are both benefitting from SOLVY. As an entrepreneur, Beltyukov is striving to create something that will continue to make a contribution to society time and again. While the software is interactive to help students learn concepts, it’s also helpful in generating homework assignments. Teachers are able to ensure that students get a more custom learning experience, versus having to learn and interact in the same way their neighbor does.

This means that the answer has been researched a little better and it gets the student to think more creatively. Writing out an answer means that more information can be included, and it reveals the process by which students think things through.

CrunchBase shows that while Beltyukov first started out in medical school, he chose this path to help students learn more and to learn better. Helping educators has become his calling, and it’s a great one. The goal for SOLVY is to make it work for learning Math just as it does for any other subject.

This interactive educational software will be helpful for students and educators everywhere. This is just one way in which Beltyukov is impacting the world.  Check out his official website for the full story.

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  1. One of the major differences with SOLVY, is that it doesn’t offer multiple choice questions. Rather it forces students to think longer and harder about their answer first. It is the equation that has been trying to solve using SOLVY that is problem.

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