A Bustle.com writer took the time to document her journey with the shampoo that is famous all over the world. This woman seems to have some of the thinnest blonde hair anyone could have, and her test of the shampoo gives women hope when they have problems with their hair.

She started by mentioning that Wen hair by Chaz is used by millions of women already. The WEN product on sephora.com has global appeal so big that even men know what it is. The author pulled out the shampoo container and started to show what it is like to use the shampoo, and she showed her results when she was done.

Chaz Dean tells everyone to use so little of the product that it almost seems too good to be true. Women have been wasting money on shampoo for years because of how much is needed, but this shampoo takes practically nothing to wash a head of hair.

The test continued when she finished rinsing her hair, and she was able to dry it. Her hair looked a lot better in the picture, and she was happy to say that her hair was not falling out in the shower. Wen hair has claimed that they can help any woman feel good after a long shower and hair washing, and it looks like Wen by Chaz has achieved their goal.

The writer of the article on Bustle.com gives a genuine look at what it is like for women who have thin hair. She was really afraid that she would be disappointed again by the shampoo, but this is the first time something good happened. That makes WEN the winner in this situation.



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  1. She continued to wash her hair, and she was hoping that her thin hair would not fall out onto the floor of the shower. It definitely means that rush essay has what it takes to the things they want to do.

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