DIVERSANT LLC is a dependable company that majorly offers IT staffing solutions. The company is privately owned by African-Americans, and it has been registered to operate as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. A broad variety of reliable and accessible products and services are provided by the company to its customers, and they include direct hiring, innovative diversity service and IT staffing augmentation. The IT staffing solutions that DIVERSANT offers are centered on unparalleled strategies and they have a goal of ensuring the satisfaction of the clients, associates, and the communities that believe and depend on them. The company makes use of consultative approaches when offering solutions to the customers, and therefore, the customers feel like they are actual partners.

The current world is being flooded by rapidly changing technology, and therefore, it is difficult to get highly competent IT experts due to scarcity. DIVERSANT offers help to its customers by acquiring the best IT talent that can suit different organizations by using its well-established sourcing and vetting procedures. The IT professionals that are hired by the staffing organization have the skills that are necessary for creating working software for any client. DIVERSANT has a lot of knowledge concerning IT staffing, and they perfectly match the talent, behavior and culture of the experts with customers who need them. The company has been able to build healthy relationships with clients because it delivers the right kind of professionals that are required.

John Goullet is a renowned entrepreneur and is a Principal at DIVERSANT LLC. He joined the IT staffing business in 1994 and ever since he has established a couple of successful companies. The most known is the Info Technologies, which he started after noticing a gap in the market. Goullet has a vast knowledge and experience in the emerging market drifts. Info Technologies was primarily created to provide IT staffing solutions to the Fortune 500 companies. The company has been successful, and it grew from a startup capital to a net worth of thirty million dollars in three years. It was recognized by the Inc. Magazine, which named it as the eighth fastest developing business in the United States.

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