Enjoy Great Organic Processed Foods With OSI

You can enjoy the top food selections from the popular OSI Industries Food Group. They have been able to give their customers a guaranteed safe diet that adheres to the tough food guidelines set forth by food regulation experts. They offer their clients a great way to take part in a stabilized diet with the proper blend of antioxidants and all natural ingredients. OIs, is based in southern Illinois and is the largest food group service provider in North America. Millions of customers prefer their rich organic processed foods, 10 to 1, over other leading food competitors.

OSI International Business News

Did you know the OSI Industries Food Group are leading international food competitors? They have been able to create an EU acquisition worth $7 million dollars. Today, they operate the Flagship Europe food facility plant. As one of their largest plants, OSI will operate the facilities and process their restaurant condiments and meat patties. Flagship Europe says, the deal has been a success to all parties involved. In fact, they’ve been able to further extend their international business portfolio including a deal with the popular Dutch, Baho Food Group.

Meet The OSI Team Of Executives

With over 20,000+ employees at OSI, it is hard to just name one employee that has made a contribution to their success. However, their President and Chairman, David A. McDonald, is a fearless part of the OSI Industries team lending over 25+ years experience to the industry. He also is a proud graduate of the University of Illinois and a humanitarian aid. McDonald, also works alongside their COO, Sheldon Lavin. Lavin, also believes giving back to the community is important and has lent generous time and resources to charities like the Salvation Army and United Way. They have also been able to greatly increase the equity in their food service group. You can choose from many different unique job descriptions from the OSI website. If it’s an OSI Industries diet, it’s one you can trust to feed your family and one you can afford.

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